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Pink Gorilla From Greens And Goods

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  • plasticky petroleum products and grease
  • has a dusty sweetness with deep sour notes when taking a long whiff
  • kind of piney but more like a pinecone than the pine needles or sap
  • earthy tones and hints of bleach


  • one larger flower is extremely loose and fluffy feeling and almost seems fresh with very little cure to it
  • pretty moist feeling though not outright wet
  • when squeezed gently the bud springs back but if given a proper squeeze it just compacts down because its so airy
  • manicure seems alright with just a few leafy bits
  • nice mix of green tones with some golden yellows and lighter brown stigmas all covered in a heavy frosting of creamy looking dull trichomes
  • so soft and spongey – the feeling of this bud is disconcerting
  • as moist as it is, it’s not really sticky


  • OCB organic hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busts up to a chunky looking pile with virtually zero resistance felt during the grind
  • no kief at all remaining in the grinder but a ton of bud needed to be poked and brushed out
  • rolling was simple but this weed just compacts down, and what would normally look like a huge gagger came out looking almost pinner sized AND still feels loose however the fuck that happens..
  • joint burnt very fast until it hit the halfway point and then ultra slow
  • ash is medium-light grey, just a touch gritty with black finger tips afterwards


  • skunky and funky
  • oniony
  • earthy
  • greasy with hints of berries
  • has a medicinal distillate taste
  • getting some bitter carrot greens


  • the high comes on during the last 1/2 of the joint
  • feeling it in the eyes and top of the head
  • neck and shoulders feel relaxed
  • decent pain relief
  • overall has a nice calming effect but at the same time I almost feel more awake and alert so that’s a bit weird
  • the high is pretty nice and lasts about 1.5 – 2hrs or so

Reviewed May 17, 2021

Greens & Goods sent out this sample of flower at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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