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Candied Canna Bacon [240mg THC] From Entourage Edibles

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Two packages of Candied Canna Bacon were sent out, one was made with Bubba Kush and one was made with Death Bubba.

Both of the packages were identical in size, shape, colour, smell, flavour – everything. The only visual difference is the strain name listed.

This review is for the Bubba Kush version. The Death Bubba was also consumed at a later date and is very potent but no official review was done since the products are virtually identical. (and I’m a busy mofo)


  • no scents leaking through the packaging
  • once the vac sealed package was opened it smells sweet and smokey
  • oh so smokey – like a real fire, not liquid smoke
  • has some sweet spiciness going on, almost like baked beans with molasses
  • so damn good smelling


  • this packaging is a little different than the other Entourage Edibles mylar packs that were sent out
    • craft paper coated mylar bag with a fancy window that shows the bacon, standard EE sticker labels placed on the front and absolutely nothing on the back
    • inside the craft bag is a vacuum sealed package of dark sticky candied bacon that’s been folded in half
  • the bacon looks thick and very well coated
  • can see some bits that look like busted up weed??
    • maybe this was made with whole flower? – if so, that’s pretty bitchin
  • the packages were kept in the fridge so some of the bacon fat congealed and left a not so pleasant looking yellowish white jizz splooge throughout the pack
    • the grease is not visible in the images because I let the bacon come to room temp before photographing in the package and then heated it up for breakfast because I don’t like eating cold bacon


I took the whole unopened vacuum sealed package of bacon and put it inside a pot of boiling water for 2 – 3 minutes just to bring the meat up to a nice temperature so I wouldn’t have to eat cold bacon.

  • tastes extremely sweet! holy moly
  • hints of allspice and brown sugar
  • like real honest smokey bacon from a local small farm where everything is done the old fashioned way
  • doesn’t taste weedy which is good but also weird because there is definitely some sort of herb looking bits all over the sticky meat
  • very high meat content with little fat
  • low moisture and high meat content lend to a bit of a chewy texture and the colder the bacon gets the chewier it becomes


  • about 9 minutes after finishing breakfast I started to feel a little weird
  • 16 minutes later and I’m getting a bit of a chesty feeling like I smoked some decent grass
  • vision is becoming a little surreal
  • 45 after eating the bacon and I’m back outside chuffing some cannabis flower in my bong
  • it’s been one hour and ten minutes since eating that bacon and I’m fucking wrecked
    • the bong hits definitely amped things up but holy good god this is very deep baked in the head and body
  • face feels numb and fuzzy
  • ended up being super couchlocked for the next couple of hours and then had a deep nap
  • pretty much the same experience with the Death Bubba strain, there may have been subtle differences in the effect however

Reviewed May 21, 2021

This product was part of the 420 prize pack won on the Entourage Edibles discord server. Thank you!

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