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Tom Ford Pink Kush From ACMedical

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  • sweet and fruity
  • gassy
  • kind of smells like grease from a mechanic shop with some citrus grease cutting hand cleaner mixed in
  • seems to have a kush type nasal pinch on deep inhales
  • greasy onions when broken open
  • really nice aroma


  • smaller mid-sized flowers have a dark sparkly appearance to them
  • deep forest greens and blackish purples with orange/brown hairs and a heck of a lot of frosty white trichomes that sparkle quite nicely
  • manicure seems alright on some funky shaped buds
  • feels a touch dry with some crisping and cracking happening when squeezed and not much springback
  • firm and dense
  • holy moly is it ever purple on the inside
  • still retains a little bit of stickiness, broken off pieces stuck to fingertips


  • OCB organic hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • grinds up buttery smooth
  • looks like a good even pile of busted up grass
  • minimal bud stick but well above average on the dusty crystally bits needing to be brushed out
  • rolls extremely easily – damn son
  • ash is lighter grey, just a touch gritty with no finger stain


  • tastes sweet and greasy
  • pickled purple cabbage …. maybe this is where the purple colour came from :0
  • dusty berries and house paint
  • very deeply ripe berries, almost fermented into some sort of wine.. currant maybe?
  • slight hints of menthol/eucalyptus
  • very nice puffing


  • the buzz comes on around mid joint and picks up pretty heavily by the time the doob is done
  • feeling chesty
  • head is swimming
  • vision and headspace feels very dream-like
  • unfocused and kind of out of it
  • good pain relief
  • deeply couch locked
  • lasts about 2 – 2.5hrs

Reviewed May 13, 2021

ACMedical sent out this sample of flower at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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