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Souped Up Smores Cereal Bar – 200mg THC From Entourage Edibles

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  • sweet and slightly weedy rice crispy square scent
  • buttery and vanilla marshmallow
  • hints of chocolate
  • has a nice earthy undertone


  • packaging is the same style as the Baked Bites snack mix
  • this cereal bar looks legitimately professional – straight up looks like something purchased from the sugary cereal bar section of the local grocery store
  • pretty sure it’s smores type sugary cereal that’s been rice crispified with some THC butter but damned if it isn’t done with some chef-like precision
  • nice clean cuts and crisp edges and the coating appears to be evenly mixed all throughout the bar
  • feels solid but not too heavy


  • chocolate and graham cracker
  • sweet with just a bit of a weed taste that blends in with the chocolate flavour
  • marshmallowy
  • great texture and mouth feel – crispy and crunchy
  • tastes damn good


  • I don’t have any notes on this one – hah
  • my notes stated that I finished eating the bar at 11:05am and there’s nothing after that…
  • I don’t know what happened next
  • definitely a good bar – when you can’t remember wtf and are too stoned to continue to take notes, that shit is goooood

Reviewed May 12, 2021

This product was part of the 420 prize pack won on the Entourage Edibles discord server. Thank you!

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