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Shishkaberry Shatter From Greens & Goods

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  • really not much of anything at all
  • held right up against the nose it smells like super old mint chewing gum that’s been left under a park bench for a couple of years
  • after snapping some pieces it produces a very faint xmas tree & mandarin orange aroma


  • nice yellow/amber colour
  • has a metric fuckton of popped bubbles everywhere from the purge
  • snappy stiff – all snap, no pull or bending
  • looks to be free of contamination


3x dabs on a titanium nail

  • tastes earthy
  • berries and black pepper
  • very pine tasting
  • sort of like mens body wash
  • berries and watermelon… neat!


  • started to feel the buzz off the second dab
  • god spaced out pretty good and forgot what i was doing for a while
  • nice chill/relaxed feeling
  • very unfocused and brain is just mush
  • even though it’s a nice relaxing stone and I’ve gotten pretty spaced out, it doesn’t really feel as potent as a concentrate should be
  • lasts about 1 – 1.5hrs or so

Reviewed May 11, 2021

Greens & Goods sent out this sample of shatter at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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