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Baked Bites 300mg THC From Entourage Edibles

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  • no scent while the bag was closed and sealed
  • once opened it smells garlicky
  • getting some worcestershire sauce
  • buttery – even though the package states it’s made with coconut oil
  • toasted shreddies/cheerios aroma
  • smells really frickin good – very similar to a snack mix my mom made when I was younger


  • sealed mylar pouch with sticker labels on the front and back that include the brand name, product name, THC warning label and something most edible makers don’t include; strain name
  • the product was not child resistant, has no Health Canada BS, does not include ingredients or contact information
    • during the ordering process the question of allergies came up – no allergies here but it’s nice to see that information being checked so no one dies from a peanut or something
  • the snack mix itself looks super good with nice toasty cereal pieces, goldfish, pretzels and other bits
  • looks to be baked the perfect amount, nice toasty golden colours


  • salty, buttery, onion & garlic
  • nice and crunchy
  • has a very slight earthiness to it that’s barely noticeable but works well with the flavour
  • getting an everything bagel mix taste
  • the flavouring was perfectly even – no super heavy coated pieces and nothing that was lacking in coating


  • within 10 minutes of eating this package of Baked Bits, my eyes felt all dry and slitty and for some reason I could feel a weird smirk on my face that wouldn’t go away
  • about 20 minutes later my face and chest are feeling amped up – very much like I took a few super deep hits from a bong
    • this stuff smacks pretty fast
  • about 45min or so after finishing the edibles, I went out and chuffed some cannabis flower in the glass bong
  • holy fuck son.. done. in.
  • I couldn’t keep taking any notes at this point, it was major couchlock city, literally spent the next few hours caked in and then passed out pretty hard

Reviewed May 11, 2021

This product was part of the 420 prize pack won on the Entourage Edibles discord server. Thank you!

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