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50mg THC Capsules From Derp Snacks

Derp Snacks is a new and upcoming cannabis edible maker who has been an active member in the community for some time and wanted to provide some quality products at affordable prices.

This product was sent out at no charge both for the purpose of review and to test packaging, shipping and timeframes etc.

The menu is listed on pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Unw01gVS and there is a giveaway for store credit happening on the marimoko discord server until May 14, 2021 —-> Click here to join the server

Thank you Derp Snacks!

Whats what:

So these are THC capsules.

I don’t even know what to say here. They’re pills.. with MCT oil and butane hash oil and lecithin.

The pictures speak 1000 words, do yourself a favour and browse the gallery.

There was no noticeable smell and I don’t leave pills to dissolve on my tongue or chew them up so there’s nothing to say about flavour.

All 6 of these caps were taken at once and I did not get high even though it was literally the same exact stuff that was used in the brownies and cake pop that Derp Snacks made.

Best guess it due to sublingual absorption, pretty sure once these THC caps hit my stomach they just died with zero effect versus the cakepop and brownie which were chewed thoroughly.

Your mileage may vary – it is what it is.

This was the first time trying caps and based on the results, I will not be going out of my way to try them again.

For anyone wondering why this product is not in the Wank Files, it’s simply because I have no other capsule experience and don’t know if these are actually bunk or if it’s just the way my body works.

Based on other edibles that went direct to the stomach with little mastication, these caps are pretty much inline with what I was expecting.

Reviewed May 7, 2021

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