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Sweet Tangie From ACMedical

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  • sweet with sour undertones
  • citrusy
  • smells like a tangy zap candy from a 25 cent machine
  • aroma really fills your lungs on a deep inhale
  • super nice citrus scent


  • two larger flowers have just a pinch more leaf on them than preferred and could use a slightly better trim but by no means is this a deal breaker
  • lighter greens with blueish greens and amber/orange hairs and a very thick frosting of mostly dull tricomes that have hidden sparkle in areas and on the inside when broken open
  • fairly tight and dense but not rock hard
  • feels a little dry on the outside with a crispy cracking sound heard when squeezed and only a half springback
  • pieces stick to the fingertips when ripped off the main nug to put in the grinder


  • Elements ultra thin 1 1/4 wide rice paper with smaller filter tip used
  • grind felt good, not too heavy or sticky
  • grass looks evenly ground
  • lots of bud and kief both stuck in the grinder and required a minute of brushing out
  • very spilly while trying to roll the joint, still turned out ok but the pot just wanted to live on the tray and not in the paper
  • ash is medium-light grey, soft to the touch with just a hint of finger stain


  • unsure of the flavour for the first few puffs but it tastes nice
  • getting some greasy paper and balsa wood
  • hot piss on a campfire
  • fresh cut lawn nasal exhales
  • french toast
  • sort of muddy
  • recycled paper berry container that’s been used to hold some greasy nuts and bolts in a garage


  • didn’t feel much while puffing the joint, took about 5 – 10min to come on
    • bit of a creeper
  • out of nowhere just suddenly realize “shit, I’m baked”
  • zoned right out
  • nice happy mood and chill feelings
  • good pain relief
  • feeling it in the forehead and eyes pretty intensely
  • lasts about 1.5 – 2hrs

Reviewed May 10, 2021

ACMedical sent out this sample of flower at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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