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Ice Cream From Bhang Bhang

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  • dusty and earthy
  • sweet
  • smells like the wooden stairwell in an old school during the mid 70s
  • greasy cheese with hints of onion and garlic when broken open
  • getting some airy pine forest scent but its pretty minimal
  • the aroma overall is actually fairly light unless the bud is contained in a bag or jar or squeezed/broken open
  • super duper light hints of slurricane style citrus


  • nice looking flowers are lighter in the overall appearance with a not perfect but decent trim
  • feels pretty hard and tight with a good firm density
  • compacts when squeezed and only springs back a small amount – assuming you can squeeze it because the stuff is quite hard
  • lighter and brighter greens mixed with blueish greens and some touches of mauve with orangey hairs and a good amount of creamy trichomes that sparkle inside and out
  • still retains a bit of residual stickiness although it could just be from all the kief dusting on your fingers


  • High Life natural unbleached 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • felt a fair amount of resistance while grinding – did not smooth out at all
  • grind looks mostly even and decent with just a couple larger bits that required some manual intervention
  • minimal bud stick and virtually zero kief from the grinder
  • the roll is fairly spilly, still wound up with a decent looking gagger but it really did want to spill out everywhere while rolling which was a bit of a pain
  • ash is lighter grey, soft to the touch and has minimal finger stain


  • tastes like greasy wood
  • has a funky flavour
  • sort of like a freshly painted room that was promptly abandoned for about 30yrs or so
  • sweet fruity skunky nasal exhales
  • getting some funky mendo breath type flavour
  • greasy kief and cardboard
  • diesel soaked red meat
  • not harsh but it does induce a noticeable amount of coughing


  • the high comes on closer towards the end of a very slow burning joint
  • takes a few minutes to fully set in
  • eyes feel lit
  • vision is somewhat hazy/dreamy
  • neck and shoulders feel massaged and relaxed
  • forehead and top of the head are feeling buzzed
  • good pain relief
  • nice chill and relaxed feelings
  • lasts about 2hrs or so

Reviewed May 9, 2021

Bhang Bhang sent out this sample of flower at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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