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Auric Gold Glass Money Maker Shatter From Bhang Bhang

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  • smells like pine and sap
  • like those sappy little buds that fall off of trees and get stuck to your car while you’re parked outside at the dentists office in the spring


  • standard Auric Gold Glass white cardstock packaging folded shut with brand name on the outside and strain name located on the inside for some weird reason
    • Bhang-Bhang dudes told me that the packaging is done the way it is because they’re trying to be environmentally conscious to an extent – that’s great to hear!
  • shatter itself is located inside a folded piece of parchment
  • lighter amber/golden colour in the center and darker around the edges
  • nice and translucent
  • shiny in some spots and dull in others where it was making contact with the parchment
  • no pull, all snap
  • looks nice, no signs of contamination at all (except the tiny speck of hair or two that was introduced while taking pics)


This shit was hit on my old school dome and titanium nail – 3x dabs

  • has a fresh taste
  • piney
  • like smoking a bowl of freshly sifted kief
  • lemons – fresh lemon juice
  • has a dirty/earthy aftertaste


  • start to feel the high a bit after the first dab
  • seems a bit minimal at first and took a few mins to really hit home
  • feeling nicely spaced out
  • good forehead buzz
  • chill and relaxed
  • decent pain relief
  • lasts about 1 – 1.5hrs or so

Reviewed May 5, 2021

Bhang Bhang sent out this sample of shatter at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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