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Cereal Milk From GrassCove

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  • a bit sour
  • sort of like pine and weird 25 cent machine candies
  • underlying fruity scent
  • faint empty pine-sol bottle that’s been in the back of your cupboard for a few years
  • nice earthy sweetness when held right up to the nose
  • hint of grape


  • one average sized flower and one popcorn
  • manicure seems alright on the tight and dense buds
  • mostly duller tones with golden yellows and and olive drab greens mixed with some very dark blackish/purple bits and amber pistils
  • feels just a touch dry on the outside but has nice springback when squeezed
  • looks to be a pretty heavy frosting of dull trichomes on the outside and just a bit of sparkle when broken open
  • still has a little bit of stickiness on the inside


  • OCB organic hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • felt a bit of resistance at first while grinding but quickly smoothed out
  • the pile of grass is mostly fine and somewhat powdery with just a few chunks
  • minimal bud stick in the grinder but well above average on the kief yield
  • rolls very easily and resulted in a nice fatty
  • ash is a bit lighter grey, slightly gritty and stains fingers


  • first puff was bitter
  • then getting some cheese-berry pine
  • tasting an old painted fence
  • slightly peanutty and floral
  • very painty tasting – haha old painty can Ned!
    • tastes like an 80s toy box with a thick layer of cheap acrylic paint
  • sort of a donut/doughy taste
  • wet cardboard
  • has a nice earthy aftertaste
  • very smooth puffing all the way through


  • the high comes on closer to the end of the joint
  • feels buzzed up in the top of the head
    • particular focus on the top and rear portion of the brain
  • good pain relief
  • feeling nice and fuzzy stoned
  • relaxed and chill
  • pretty potent high but really dies off quickly – about 1hr or so and the high feels almost gone

Reviewed April 28, 2021

GrassCove sent out this sample of flower at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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