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BC Edibles Maple Walnut Sugar Cookies From Mailbox Marijuana

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  • no scent while the package was sealed and closed
  • once opened it smells mapley
  • sort of like french toast with maple syrup
  • really nice smell


  • sealed mylar bag with windowed front and simple stickers for logo, product name and ingredients
  • no:
    • child-resistant packaging
    • Health Canada BS
    • nutritional information
    • contact information
    • missing whatever ingredient contains the THC; distillate or hash or cannabutter… etc.
  • there is a batch number on the product which is neat to see
  • cookies themselves are a nice golden brown and have a fairly uniform look about them
    • about 2″ in diameter and roughly 1cm thick plus the generous layer of stark white frosting (I think this one was fondant)
      • ^ holy shit inches AND centimeters in the same sentence ^ (this is Canada y0 – we use both sides of the ruler)
  • they look really well made


  • the taste is sweet, very sweet
  • almost has a hint of mint which seems odd
  • definitely getting the maple flavour very nicely
  • feeling little bits which I think are the walnut pieces
  • cookie has a nice firmness when biting into it yet it’s still soft and not too dry
  • not getting any sort of weed or hay-like taste or anything really noticeable
    • if you concentrate really hard there’s maybe the slightest hint of bitterness but you would really have to be sitting there tasting these cookies like you were doing a review or something in order notice it
  • the frosting fell off one cookie so I took a bite of the biscuit by itself and it tastes like a pancake, subtly sweet and cakey with soaked up maple syrup flavour
  • the fondant tastes like confectioners sugar


All three cookies were eaten in the same sitting for review

  • started to feel a little bit of body woobles about 20min or so after finishing the cookies
  • nice relaxing loose feeling
  • took a couple hits from a distillate cart about 45min after eating
  • really feeling it quite potently
  • very intense in the forehead and eyes
  • super spaced out and not able to focus on anything
  • after a few hours the sleepies kicked in and I went to bed early and slept damned good

Reviewed Apr 22, 2021

Mailbox Marijuana sent out these edibles at no charge for the purpose of review. Thank you!

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