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Buddha Tahoe OG PICO Vape Pen From Mailbox Marijuana

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For anyone who isn’t aware, this item is a disposable vaporizer pen that contains Buddha Tahoe OG distillate.
It’s ready to go, simply open up the box and pull out the pen and take a haul.
When you’re done just throw it away.


  • no scents while packaged up in the box
  • and no smell when it’s opened either
  • there is the absolute faintest whiff of medicinal distillate aroma if you pretty much jam the mouthpiece up your nose – but don’t do that


  • nice looking glossy fully printed cardboard box packaging with a tamper proof sticker on the bottom and a safety button on one side – effectively making it child resistant
  • window shows the pen and distillate inside so you know if it’s leaked or something weird happened
  • little white sticker with the strain name applied to the box, no way to tell what strain it is once the pen is out of the box
  • has:
    • contact info & company logo
    • ingredients (distillate and terpenes)
    • little bit of a health warning although not Health Canada’s BS
    • claims of lab testing
      • this is located on the rear side of the inner box and not visible until opened
  • does not have:
    • Health Canada BS warning – really we could all do without the damned warning but I like to make note of it on products like this
    • usb cable for charging
  • distillate is a nice translucent amber colour
  • pen is black with logo on it and silver trim
  • there is a usb port on the bottom of the pen if you unscrew the bottom cap, just in case it takes you forever to finish the distillate and you require a recharge


  • the pen was a bit clogged right off the bat and I thought maybe it had lost the charge
    • it simply required a poking or in my case an extra bit of lung effort to get it to start flowing
  • tastes fruity
  • slightly medicinal distillate flavour
  • very light hints of mint
  • has a mildewy flavour that sort of lingers as an aftertaste
    • I tried this pen over a period of 3 or 4 days because I wasn’t sure if it was maybe my tastebuds being weird or something but nope, every time I hit it, I taste mildew
      • for anyone reading this thinking “eww gross wtf why did you keep hitting a pen that tastes mildewy?!”
        • A) – this is what I do – go read my poisonous gummy review and see what I put myself through.
        • B) – so I used to work at this office building that had free coffee but it came from these ridiculous coffee machines with a thousand options and stuff drank it all the time with no issues.
          Then one day I get a cup and bring it back to my desk and I taste mildew…
          I thought maybe someone washed the mug with a mildewy rag or something so went back to the kitchen washed everything myself by hand with no rags or anything and get another cup of coffee and go back to my desk… mildew…
          No one else could taste it as far as I’m aware. I dont know if I’m sensitive to it or crazy but I’ve added this little story here so that people understand to really take this stuff with a grain of salt
          • funny enough, my non-cannabis consuming partner actually decided to take a couple hoots off this pen on 420 and it only occurred to me while writing this review to ask if there was any mildew tasted – she said “no”
            I asked her what it tasted like and she said “I dunno… weed I guess”


  • had about 6 or so puffs off the pen with really nice large clouds that filled the lungs and provided nice smoke-like satisfaction
  • started to feel a bit of a headbuzz around the 3rd puff
  • nice feeling in the eyes, temples and forehead
    • very aware of my eye movement and the feel a bit dry after 15min or so
  • spacey feeling in the brain – airy and light
  • feeling somewhat happy/bubbly and relaxed
  • nice buzz but lasts only maybe an hour or so – still feel it at the 1hr mark but its so minimal that it might as well not be there

Reviewed between Apr 16 – 20, 2021

Mailbox Marijuana sent out this vape pen at no charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

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