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Death Bubba From CAMMP

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  • earthy and sweet
  • greasy – like a grease covered edible fruit arrangement
  • dusty
  • hints of citrus
  • kind of smells like that weird unused area under your stairs
  • very strong greasy smell when broken open


  • this is CAMMP‘s AAAA hand-trimmed stuff – apparently there is a AAA version of the same weed
  • good assortment of bud sizes ranging from a popcorn up to larger mid-sided sedan
  • looks like there may be two different phenos or possibly nugs from completely different spots on a plant – (check the image gallery further below)
    • two buds are more of a golden/purple hue with an over abundance of reddish hairs
    • the other nugs are more of a golden/darker green colour with less pistils visible
    • creamy dull trichome coverage on the outside and disco ball sparkles once broken open
  • there is some springback when squeezed but all the flowers are very sticky inside and out and they do stay a little bit compressed after given the squeeze test
    • the buds have a good density to them, not super fluffy but not rocks
  • manicure seems alright, definitely looks hand done since they’re not all microphone foam shaped


  • OCB organic hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • extreme resistance felt in the grinder the whole time while busting this stuff up
  • the grind is relatively uneven with smaller bits and a lot of chunkies
  • holy fucking hell on the bud stick in the grinder
    • literally glued itself into the grinder and required a massive 5 minute poke and brushing to get it all out – shit son
  • rolls ridiculously easily and results in a nice slow burning joint
  • ash is medium darker grey, just a touch sandy and stains the fingers a bit


  • very very sweet tasting but has a lingering underlying bitterness
  • dank skunky
  • earthy black peppercorns
  • gets a floral taste about 1/2 way through
  • tastes like peppercorn flowers and berries mixed with some skunk
  • nice earthy peppery aftertaste


  • started to feel the high somewhere around the 1/2 way point
  • feeling relaxed and chilled out immediately
  • neck, shoulders and back of the head feel massaged
  • nose a bit runny
  • head is fuzzy and very couchlockery with no motivation to do anything
  • good pain relief
  • lasts about 1.5 – 2hrs or so

Reviewed Apr 13, 2021

CAMMP sent out this sample of flower at no charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

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