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Smush Chocolate Bars

The makers of the Smush chocolate bars provided these samples at no charge for the purposes of review, Thank you! – At the time of writing this article, I believe these bars are available through Kush Station

Cannabuzz sent out two of these bars; the Dark Chocolate is 1G of Psilocybe Cubensis and the Cookies & Mint is 3G of Psilocybe Cubensis.

These bars are scored into squares for easy dosing and offer the ability to microdose on shrooms.

Being that I’m not into microdosing and I know that I need more than 3G of shrooms to feel anything, I ate both bars at the same time.

As always, marimoko recommends eating TUMS before ingesting shrooms – your stomach will thank you during the come down when you don’t have any gut-rot.


  • Dark chocolate bar has no scent while package is sealed
    • once opened, it simply smells like dark chocolate – nothing weird
  • Cookies & Mint on the other hand… it reeks very strongly without even opening the package
    • in fact, it smells so strong that the entire package of goodies Cannabuzz sent out ended up smelling like this bar
    • the smell of the Cookies & Mint is obviously minty however it’s more akin to the scent of the bottom of an old ladies purse with a years-old forgotten package of mint gum
    • very nice mint aroma when held directly to the nose
  • both the bars don’t seem to have any mushroomy scent that I was able to discern


  • full printed glossy cardstock boxes with sticker-sealed foil wrapped chocolate bars inside
  • packaging looks fairly professional
  • has:
    • company name (Smush)
    • ingredients
    • instructions on usage
    • dosage information
    • claims to be lab tested (…..Really? … ????)
  • does not have:
    • nutritional info
    • contact info
    • child-resistant packaging
    • Health Canada BS (obvs, but just noting)
  • the Dark chocolate bar appears more or less “normal”
    • has a bit of a sheen to it which means it was tempered properly I believe
    • there are some little bumpy bits in the chocolate which I’m assuming are pieces of mushroom
  • the Cookies & Mint bar is greenish with cookie bits
    • sort of shocked to see this pea green bar when opening it
    • made with white chocolate and the ingredients do not mention anything about food colouring so the green colour is slightly suspect (either colouring was missed on the ingredients list or the colouring is part of the “natural flavour” that was used)
    • doesn’t look super fantastic but has an honest somewhat rustic homey look to it
      • it looks a lot like some mint chip ice cream except the colouring of this bar is more dull and pea green shades vs those ice creams which have a more neon/lime type green colour happening


  • Dark chocolate tastes weird
    • kind of sour and earthy
    • mostly smooth texture with just the slightest bit of grit which I’m assuming is the mushrooms
    • very sour/cheesy tasting
    • can kind of-sort of barely taste the earthy shrooms in the aftertaste, but most likely only noticeable because I’m reviewing and paying attention to as much detail as possible
  • Cookies & Mint tastes exactly how it smells
    • complete with the old ladies purse scent in flavour format – not sure how but very weird lol
    • has a makeup and old minty gum flavour
    • really not that bad when you take into consideration that there is 3G of mushrooms in this bar
    • I’ll take the flavour of this bar over the flavour of shrooms any fucking day of the week
    • has a strong minty aftertaste (and after about 5hrs or so started belching mint – gross I know but the mint really stuck around)


  • OK so the high portion of this product is a bit tricky to describe
      • how much is enough? everyone is different, sorry I can’t help you there
  • no notes were taken during the trip because I felt that trying to gauge this type of high and sit there focusing on notes and details would just ruin it
  • the high starts to come on about 45min after ingestion
    • starts with body woobles and overall antsy feelings
    • body felt very exhausted almost immediately and wanted to nap
      • cannot nap on shrooms
    • crazy rainbow pixel hazy 3D light shows behind closed eyelids
      • there was no hallucinations or anything melting or what-have-you – just trippy visualizations behind shut eyes
    • fatigue wears off after about an hour or so and suddenly energy kicks in
    • unable to focus on anything for longer than 2min
      • cannot watch shows, play video games, browse shit online, chat with people, etc.
        • attention span is just gone – like cartoon personification of ADHD
    • moving and pacing, bouncy and playful
      • ended up playing with my cat, running around the house etc.
  • the high lasted a good +7hrs however the next day I was so tired all day, had lots of naps and probably slept about 18hrs which is completely out of character for me

Reviewed Apr 10, 2021

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