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The Battery Free DYNAVAP Thermal Extraction Device.

Quite a name.

Just what is a battery free thermal extraction device?

Well, it’s Dynavap’s fancy way of saying “dry herb vape pen designed by a space wizard that you have to hit with a crack torch”


So I heard about this weird little one hitter type thing from various sources online and became incredibly intrigued.

I’ve vaped a few concentrates with different pens and dabs and other various contraptions but never used a true cannabis herb vaporizer before.

The cost of a good quality vaporizer can be pretty hefty and unfortunately there’s no rental places that you can get these things from to try before you buy. (Post a comment if you’ve actually heard of a place like that)

One big thing that stops me from venturing into the big vape and enail territory is the fact that these devices require power connections direct to the wall and while I try to be as careful and cautious as possible, all I can envision is myself or my cats tripping on the cable and knocking something over.

That can be an expensive mistake and even lead to burns or a fire depending on which unit you’ve got.

“dry herb vape pen designed by a space wizard that you have to hit with a crack torch”

As for the portable battery operated devices, I’ve only used the concentrate models but I really dislike them and find it’s not for me what with all the finicky bullcrap of cleaning coils and air ports and batteries dying just when you need them etc.

But torch powered.. that’s different. – I like fire.

The Dynavap vape pens looked like a reasonably priced battery and electricity free option nut at the same time they still looked to me like a fancy one hitter starting at about $80 depending on who carries it.

What’s a hundred bucks right? Far cry from the $450 – $900 electric desktop models that’s for sure, rather more inline with the low-range battery style pen models.

Well I reached around to Dynavap to see if they would be kind enough to send one out for review and they actually replied and said if I would be cool enough to sign an NDA then they’ll express ship out the latest unreleased models. Cool Shit!

Downside is I don’t know if I get to keep these bad boys because it said some junk about possibly being required to send them back within 3 years so hopefully they don’t get lost or something.

Other than that though I’m definitely on board for the opportunity to try these things.

Thanks DYNAVAP, really cool of you to shoot these over for me to check out.

I have no idea who the hell invented these things or what sort of insane drugs or alien visions they had but they actually work and they work quite well.

Okay .. so shut the fuck up already and tell us something about this damned devices is what I can hear people saying at this point.

The M 2021

This one is smaller in size and made from stainless steel and high heat rubber o-rings. I’m not sure what metal or alloy the vapcap is.

Vapcap is the name given to the standard Dynavap cap which the M 2021 of course includes.

Check out the first image in the gallery to see all the fancy words and features the M 2021 carries and have a look at the sleek machining of the device in the image gallery.

The M is the standard size for Dynavap, I believe 92mm length? I’m not looking it up because I’m baked. But regardless this thing is smaller than the OMNI yet feels heavier.

There are a lot of grommets that hold this thing together which at first sort of turned me off and made me sneer at the thing but after using it I’m comfortable with them and have no issues at all.

And there are extra parts available on Dynavap’s website and as well as at other authorized resellers, o-rings and replacement Vapcaps, screens etc.

you know when you get some real stanky dank and you can smell all those juicy terps and the earthiness and citrus and all that smelly goodness? – Ya well the first hit on this thing is like tasting those smells exactly

The M 2021 is supposed to retail for about a hundred bucks or so which I would gladly pay after using it for a few weeks.

Well worth the money for sure.

I only have two small gripes with the M model;

  • One)
    • there is one o-ring that is easily moved out of position if the device is handled incorrectly and it can be troublesome to move the o-ring back to it’s proper position – see the image
  • Two)
    • it’s a little short for my big hands – easy to get used to after a few days of use but tricky to start and downright painful if you have arthritis or any sort of hand issues

The OMNI 2021

So again, check the image gallery and read the fancy wording in the first image for details on what kind of chirations and things this dealie has.

The big thing here is this one is longer than the M – I think they said 102mm on the Dynavap website somewhere.

And more importantly this seems to be made from titanium which means it’s much lighter and has a nice matte finish.

I like this one better than the M but only because of my bigger hands and the fact that this one doesn’t seem to have that weird o-ring issue that the M has.

The OMNI has some sort of mouthpiece dial system where if you turn the mouthpiece and line up the diamond on the body tube with the corresponding line on the mouthpiece apparently some kind of magical gates to the kingdom of heaven open up and your vaping experience becomes like that of God himself.

Well that’s really the only “feature” that I didn’t get about the OMNI – I inspected the ever loving fuck out of the thing and all I can see is that spinning the mouthpiece does absolutely fuck all.

If the space wizard crack genius inventor of this device wants to come forward and explain this one to me I’m all ears but I inspected it, I tried it, it does nothing but spin around and change which line is pointed at the little diamond etching.

Other than that though, this thing kicks ass.

How Does It Work?

Seriously I think only space aliens and wizards know the answer to how the friggin thing actually works.

It’s like magic to me and looks like a crackpipe to outsiders.

However – the gist of it is;

  • you remove the cap
  • load the chamber with dry herb
    • I tried stabbing the Dynavap into a bud and twisting, breaking off a chunk of whole bud
    • tried grinding the herb up and using it all ground and fluffy
    • finger busted
    • I tried hash of varying textures; sticky, powder, hard and chunky
    • concentrates such as live resin and crumble and distillate using cotton as wadding
      • All the options listed above worked out with little to no issues
  • put the cap back on
  • fire up your three flame torch (yes three flames, not one and not two)
  • get the Dynavap Battery Free Thermal Extraction Device of your choice firmly in your hand in a comfortable position
  • hold the Dynacap Battery Free Thermal Extraction Device at as close to a 45 degree angle as you can with the cap pointed upwards and spin it while you get the tip of your triple flame torch flame just underneath your cockeyed vapcap
  • listen carefully and turn down your music or leave the rave or music festival because you’re gonna head it go *CLICK!*
    • but it’s quiet as fuck and sometimes you can’t feel it so pay attention
  • as soon as you hear it *CLICK!* stop torching it and start your hootering
  • keep hootering and chuffing on the thing until you hear the cap *CLICK!* again
  • rinse and repeat

That’s it, that’s all.

So how does it really work?

Well I can’t say for sure because I don’t have a degree in space wizardry however I played around with the things a fair amount and noticed that the Vapcap has a crimp at the top of it and inside above the crimp is a disc of metal which I’m pretty sure is some other kind of alloy.

When the cap is heated the disc expands at a different rate than the cap and chamber which upon the acceleration of air brings up the herb to a proper temperature for vaping. – This is also what goes *CLICK!*

Like I said, I don’t have a degree in space wizardry so really I can’t explain it better than that.

But the point is that it works and it works damn well.

It takes a little bit of getting used to and I ended up burning the herb more than a few times while trying to figure it out but once you get the hang of it there’s no more burnt weed.

There are a few things here that matter to me and this thing managed to check them off the list:

  • big hoots
    • if I don’t feel like I’ve gotten a lungful and start coughing then I don’t feel like I’ve truly puffed and just keep jonesing for more and more – this thing can give off some phat hits
  • flavour
    • so you know when you get some real stanky dank and you can smell all those juicy terps and the earthiness and citrus and all that smelly goodness? – Ya well the first hit on this thing is like tasting those smells exactly
      • I don’t know if I can get over how amazing the first haul of dry herb tastes on these things but they’ve got me hooked

On a sidenote, Dynavap has a whole range of other accessories and spare parts including something called a DynaCoil which lets you vape concentrates without the need for wadding up cotton and things.

After having used these for about a month or so I’ve definitely found myself into vaping dry herb and would gladly pay the money for one of these if it got lost or stolen or if DYNAVAP reaches around sometime in the next three years and asks for it back lol.

I 100% recommend both of these products to anyone who is interested in vaping and wants a battery free option.

Comments are welcomed, feel free to weigh in on your thoughts about DYNAVAP below.

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