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Auric Gold Glass Nuken Shatter From Bhang Bhang

Auric Gold Glass Nuken Shatter From Bhang Bhang – 9/10


  • not really getting any scent while the package is closed
  • once opened all I can smell is a a freezer burnt aroma – but this was not put in my freezer


  • white folded card stock paper package with only the company name printed on the outside and absolutely nothing else
  • strain name is located inside the package so it must be opened to find out what strain it is
  • no:
    • company contact information – or information about anything at all aside from strain name
    • child resistant packaging
    • Health Canada BS
    • claims of lab testing
    • tamper-proof seal
      • the strain name and company contact info should be printed on the outside of the packaging and a simple sticker should be used to ensure the product is sealed and won’t be tampered with
  • the shatter itself is folded inside a white piece of parchment paper
  • colouring is a nice amber shade
  • can see the spots from where the bubbles popped during purging
  • came broken into several pieces
  • all snap and no pull


  • no roll – this was dabbed in my very old school oiler rig with a titanium nail and dome – 2x dabs
    • looking for suggestions on a new low-cost rig, feel free to submit comments with your favourite glass piece


  • sweet citrus
  • terpy
  • little bit earthy
  • tastes kind of like fruit loops
  • floral
  • very nice Nuken flavour
    • currently have a Nuken female in mid-flower and this tastes just like how my plant smells
  • refreshing and clean


  • the high comes on pretty fast
  • right in the eyes and forehead
  • gettin a bit of the ol dreamy vision
  • little bit dry in the mouth
  • spacey as fuuuuuuudge
    • straight up keep forgetting to do things, even in the middle of getting something done – attention gets drawn elsewhere and walk away
      • eg: loaded the dishwasher all up with dirty dishes and then just walked away without starting the wash or even closing the door.. strange to walk back into the kitchen and be like “ummm WTF, I just did this”
  • moderate pain relief
  • head is floating like mad
  • very very pronounced in the forehead
  • lasts about 2hrs or so

Reviewed Feb 25, 2021

Bhang Bhang sent out this shatter at no charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

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