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Gigabud From Toke and Smoke Shop

Gigabud From Toke and Smoke Shop – 8.75/10


  • fruity and sour
  • cheesy
  • sort of smells like a cherry cheese danish or turnover
  • earthy egg-farts
  • very very cheesy – mmmm
  • when broken open and ground up it smells like extremely greasy cheese – like someone tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich on a car engine in a mechanics shop


  • medium sized buds look microphone manicured and have some flattened sides from being compressed during shipment
  • fairly dense and good springback when squeezed but there are sounds of the bud snapping and cracking as well
  • mostly lighter greens with the odd dark green leaf and lots of tightly clinging, closely cropped brown pistils
  • good visible layer of whitish trichomes are mostly dull with some sparkle visible deeper in the nugs
    • sparkles very heavily when broken open
  • little bit sticky on the inside


  • Toke and Smoke Shop organic rice 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busts up nicely and looks like a decent little rolling pile with fairly even sized bits and a lot of dusty kief
  • average bud stick in the grinder but considerably high powdery kief yield
  • rolls nicely and resulted in a thick fatty
  • joint resin’s up a fair amount and becomes a little tough to get a draw
  • ash is medium light grey, very soft but stains fingers black


  • cheese crackers – Cheez-Its
  • black tea
  • mixed berries on white bread
  • fruity skunky nasal exhales
  • berries and glue flavour
  • spicy fruit similar to minced meat pie
  • smooth puffing all the way through to the bitter end
  • nice earthy aftertaste


  • high comes on during the last 1/2 of the joint – however the joint got so oily and difficult to puff that the last 1/2 burned for a LONG time
  • feeling the buzz in the neck and shoulders, face and back of the head
  • after a few minutes it reaches up and gets the whole brain involved with some nice brain fuzzyness
  • light chesty feelings
  • dreamy vision
  • very aware of eye movement
  • feeling very physically relaxed
  • good pain relief
  • lots of quick random thoughts, mind is very active
  • lasts +2hrs

Reviewed Feb 17, 2021

Toke and Smoke Shop provided this sample of flower at no charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

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