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King Bubba From Bhang Bhang

King Bubba From Bhang Bhang – 9/10


  • earthy
  • lemon/citrus gassy
  • strong greasy scent when squeezed
  • touch of sourness
  • hints of pine sap
  • getting some of that kush nasal pinch when broken open/ground up


  • medium sized fairly hard and dense flowers feel just a touch dry from all the trichomes but can tell from the springback that the moisture level seems on point
  • lighter yellowish greens meet dull darker green tones with brown stigmas and hints of blueish/purple throughout – all coated in a creamy frosting of a 50/50 mix of matte and sparkly trich’s
  • manicure seems to be pretty decent
  • nice and sticky broken open


  • OCB organic hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • the density of the bud can be felt while grinding
  • came out looking nicely busted up and fairly evenly sized
  • average amount of bud stick in the grinder but virtually no kief yield
  • rolled a good sized fatty, looks nice and thick but not too tight
  • burns very slow and evenly
  • ash is lighter medium-grey, soft to the touch with minimal finger stain


  • earthy fall leaves – very earthy
  • sweet and skunky
  • skunky nasal exhales
  • little bit spicy/peppery
  • very lightly fruity sort of like spiced apple cider
  • has a refreshing cleanness about it
  • overall really enjoying this flavour
  • has a spicy/peppery/earthy aftertaste


  • the high starts to hit somewhere in the middle of the incredibly slow burning joint
  • feeling buzzed and fuzzy in the head and cheeks
  • happy feels
  • great pain relief
  • skunky after-smells
  • little bit active and motivated with some sweet head fogginess
    • was able to get a bunch of work done while baked on this strain
  • lasts 2 – 2.5hrs

Reviewed Feb 16, 2021

Bhang Bhang provided this sample of flower for the purposes of review at no charge. Thank you.

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