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Cambodian Albino Mushrooms From Bhang Bhang


I want to make something perfectly clear here; the smell and taste of dried shrooms makes me gag.
I didn’t want to smell these at all and only did so for the purposes of review.
Normally, I would go out of my way to avoid smelling them but hey, this is for science.

  • smells like nasty magic mushrooms
    • if you have ever had shrooms before, these smell just like all the rest
  • sweet and earthy
  • little bit of chocolate and hay or possible damp straw


  • this is one huge mushroom
    • the bag says 3.7 but my scale weighs in at 3.64 so I’m assuming some of it flaked off into the bag and while handling
      • either way a difference of 0.06 is nothing – the point is just to say that this is one gigantic-ass mushroom
  • the cap is apprx: 2.25″ x 1.75″ x 1.25″ at its tallest point
  • the stem is apprx: 2.75″ long and roughly 0.75″ x 0.5″ at the bulbous end
    • heck yes it was measured, look at this thing and behold it in all it’s glory!
  • the cap and stem are a really neat creamy whitish silver colour while the gills have this sort of antique yellowed paper look about them and random parts of the shroom are blueish
  • there was a weird speck on the cap that was removed prior to ingestion – it was either a piece of another mushroom or a piece of growing medium, either way it’s inconsequential but worth noting
  • overall I find this mushroom looks terrifyingly dangerous yet strangely beautiful


Ok so as previously mentioned, I can’t really handle the taste of dried shrooms.

All in the name of science is one thing but if it’s a for sure thing that I’m going to spew then too freakin bad my friends.

If you really want to know how this tastes, you’re weird but you’ll have to buy some of your own to find out.

I put this shroom in a separate pot of pasta sauce from everyone elses in my home and I then ate it for dinner – It was not really noticeable because I tried with all my might to forget it was there.


This was eaten around 4:30pm – 5:00pm and I forgot to eat TUMS before hand but remembered as soon as dinner was finished so I ate the last of the roll – 3 TUMS
I highly recommend eating at least 2 TUMS before eating mushrooms to avoid the crazy gut-rot feeling you get when coming down.
Seriously it works

  • the shrooms started to hit about 30min or so after ingestion
  • body felt it first
    • woobly and loose
    • feel like laughing, happy and smiling for no reason
    • movement is amazing and feels fantastic
    • very uncoordinated
  • light visuals and tracers start to kick in with amazing disco laser light show when you blink or close your eyes
  • for some reason I kept looking for … something?
    • I don’t understand this one but mushrooms are a hell of a drug
    • so, the best I can explain is that I would go to do something, -say smoke a bong- and then I would just like peek around down the hallway and into the bedroom and bathroom.. and I’m not sure why
      • it was nothing really but i had this ominous feeling that there was something I was looking for but no clue what it was
  • did I mention movement feels amazing?
    • shit, this would have been fantastic to go to a party or a club on
  • after a certain point I kept seeing weird skulls and demons and alien faces randomly
    • this wasn’t anything that freaked me out or made me paranoid, it was just neat and trippy as fuuuuuudge
      • maybe this is what I kept looking for? I still don’t know
  • all in all the high from these shrooms lasted until close to midnight or so and I was vibing, buzzing, jitttery and feeling great yet coherent the whole time

Reviewed Feb 14, 2021

Bhang Bhang provided these magical shrooms at no charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Cambodian Albino Mushrooms From Bhang Bhang”

  1. Interesting to see you incorporate it into a meal, pasta is a new one. I thought you hated taste so id figure youd have done strained tea but I bet digestion was slowed.

    1. I’ve had mushroom tea before and you’re right about it muting the flavour a lot.

      My thought process here was that I wanted to ingest all of the mushroom for maximum efficiency/efficacy (not just a steeped liquid) and I think it worked out OK with the one exception being that I made too much sauce and had too much too digest to bring out the full intensity of the shrooms.

      My old go-to was grinding the shrooms into powder using a coffee grinder and then mixing with peanut butter to make a sandwich. This sort of kills peanut butter for me though and I find it takes a long while before I can smell peanut butter without my brain associating it with zoomers.

      Still it was a great trip. – “NO RAGRETS”

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