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Kush Kitchens Milk Chocolate Bar [200mg THC] From Best Budz

Kush Kitchens Milk Chocolate Bar [200mg THC] From Best Budz – 9/10


  • there is absolutely no scent whatsoever when the package is sealed
  • smells like decent milk chocolate when opened
  • no weird scents or anything hay or bitter or weed-like at all


  • fully printed satin finished foil wrapper, similar style, size and shape as a Kit-Kat chocolate bar wrapper
  • company logo, nutritional information, ingredients, and a standard Health Canada warning are all printed directly on the package
  • no:
    • child resistant packaging
    • contact information
    • claims of lab testing
  • the chocolate bar itself is relatively thick and looks almost like a Kit-Kat only it’s pre-scored into three longer pieces instead of the Kit-Kat’s four
    • the bar that I received arrived already broken as shown in the images
  • creamy slightly shiny look to the bar
    • can tell this was made by someone who knows chocolate
    • appears to have been tempered perfectly


This chocolate bar was eaten between 1:23pm – 2:02pm

  • solid bite with good mouth feel
  • smooth and creamy
  • can taste the cocoa
  • reminiscent of a fudgsicle flavour – like deep chocolateyness without being a dark chocolate
  • when chewed, there is just a hint of grittiness that melts away very quickly
    • recommend letting the chocolate melt – do not chew
  • almost getting a little bit of a malt flavour, similar to Nestle Milo
  • there is nothing weird tasting in this whatsoever
    • nothing bitter or hay or weed or anything out of the ordinary
  • just a touch waxy
    • this bar does leave a little bit of a waxy mouth coating
    • the waxiness is extremely accentuated and comes out very strongly if you eat this bar and have a cold drink
      • do not recommend eating this bar and sipping iced coffee


  • 1:41pm –
    • just a pinch of body woozles and light feels
  • 1:51pm –
    • feeling somewhat spaced out, kind of energetic (could be that iced coffee)
  • 2:02pm –
    • feels like a pinner joint type of high with a little bit of body woobliness added in
  • 2:26pm –
    • good stone, not wrecked but feeling active with a body/head high – quite nice
  • 2:30pm –
  • 3:06pm –
    • feeling super baked, nice and deep stone
    • body is fuzzy and woobly and great pain relief
  • 3:12pm –
    • ok… it’s official, I’m feeling pretty damn wrecked son
  • 3:35pm –
    • still done in
    • eyes dry
    • mouth dry
    • very potent high

Reviewed Feb 11, 2021

Best Budz provided this cannabis flower at no charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

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