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Cannabis Pre-Rolls From Beevoke


Beevoke sent over 4 different cannabis pre-rolls for review;
  • El Chapo
  • Lemon Walker
  • Pink Star
  • Rainbow Sherbet


All the pre-rolls came in RAW aluminum tubes that have screw on caps lined with cork which can be moistened to keep the spliffs from drying out.

These joints weren’t weighed but they were all the same size and shape and probably contained the same weight of cannabis flower.

This isn’t a true “roll” in the sense that it is a pre-formed tube that just gets weed bumper shaked and poked down to form a coner shaped joint – nobody hand rolled these.

Each of the pre-rolls from Beevoke were packed relatively evenly with just a little bit of air pockets in a few spots.

Lemon Walker ran really bad but all the rest of the doobies smoked with no runs at all.

They all had twisted ends about 1cm long – this is personal preference but the twisted point end is not conducive to a good light and looks a bit silly however it does contain all of the devil’s lettuce and doesn’t allow anything to spill out in the tube.

El Chapo Pre-Roll From Beevoke


  • dirty, earthy
  • smells weird
  • mushroomy
  • spicy
  • BiC ballpoint pen ink


  • earthy, dusty, musty
  • mushroom flavour
  • bitter
  • tastes like weed and potting soil
  • a touch fruity
  • greasy skunky nasal exhales
  • little bit harsh and coughy


  • high starts to hit pretty quickly – only about 1/4 of the way into the joint
  • coughing from the harshness seems to accelerate the high
  • feels extremely cerebral
  • head is fuzzed and dreamy feeling
  • vision is dreamy
  • good pain relief
  • lasts about 2hrs or so

Lemon Walker Pre-Roll From Beevoke


  • earthy
  • citrusy
  • slightly spicy
  • nice smell but a little weak


  • musty
  • kind of like plastic lemons
  • earthy
  • bit of an orange peel taste
  • skunky nasal exhales
  • just a touch harsh but not bad
  • earthy aftertaste
  • this joint ran really bad and left a big ol’ canoe going


  • starts to come on about 14 to 1/2 way into the joint
  • head is feeling fuzzy
  • vision feels enhanced/sharper and colours are brighter
  • feel a bit more awake and alert
  • active and focused
  • nice happy feels
  • good way to start the day
  • lasts about 2hrs or so

Pink Star Pre-Roll From Beevoke


  • greasy
  • earthy
  • spicy
  • hints of milkiness


  • earthy – very earthy
  • fresh mountain air
  • sweet and bitter
  • skunky nasal exhales
  • sweet fruity undertones
  • bitter muffins and dandelion milk
  • makes the nose run
  • very very slow burning
  • kind of harsh


  • high comes on about 1/2 way into the joint
  • feeling jazzed up around the eyes, neck and shoulders
  • nice thick buzz
  • very heady
  • great pain relief
  • spaced the F out
  • couch locker for sure
  • lasts 2.5 – 3hrs

Rainbow Sherbet Pre-Roll From Beevoke


  • extreme lemon/citrus
  • a touch earthy
  • hints of rotisserie chicken


  • creamy
  • earthy
  • citrus peel bitterness
  • musty carrots
  • wet paper/cardboard taste
  • very fruity skunkyness that’s particularly noticeable on the nasal exhales
  • gets sweet about 1/2 way in
  • getting some citrus skunk and hard chewable vitamin C tablets
  • has a sweet earthy aftertaste


  • this one comes on quick – just a couple puffs in
  • feels strong and nice
  • energetic with a good head buzz
  • bit of a chesty feeling
  • slightly dry eyes
  • pasties
  • moderate pain relief
  • makes time go really really slowly;
    • got LOTS of things done while baked on this joint and thought it had been easily 5hrs or so but barely 2hrs had passed

Reviewed Jan 15, 16, 17, 18, 2021

Beevoke provided these samples free of charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

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