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Hawaiian Hammer From Medicine Man Shop

Hawaiian Hammer From Medicine Man Shop – 9.25/10


  • sort of like a movie theater with a strange popcorny thing going on
  • hints of celery
  • sweet hazelnuts
  • just a touch greasy
  • very light scent overall but hazelnut is definitely the most prominent aroma


  • right away this is straight up the most crystally trichome crusted flower that I’ve seen to date – the photographs taken do not do this stuff any justice at all, it will really make your eyes pop
  • lighter and bright greens mixed together with ligher orangey brown stigmas, all covered in a thick heavy sparkly white frosting of trichomes that gives it a weird dry feeling but then the trichomes seem to melt on your finger tips and make everything that you touch feel tacky
  • manicure seems ok
  • buds are medium sized, hard and dense
  • springs back when squeezed but can hear and feel it starting to want to crumble


  • OCB organic hemp 1 1/4 wide rolling paper with smaller filter tip used
  • felt a fair amount of resistance grinding
  • busted up into some tiny chunks and a hell of a lot of powder
    • very inconsistent sizing
  • slightly above average on the bud stick in the grinder
  • unreal kief yield
    • the black grinder basically turned a creamy white colour all coated with powdery trichs
  • surprisingly rolled really easily
    • was expecting it to be a pain and want to fall out everywhere but it rolled really nicely
  • very fat tight joint burned evenly and slow leaving behind medium light grey ash that has a soft texture but stains fingers


  • earthy
  • woody – like pencil shavings
  • slightly bitter
  • tastes very similar to how it smells
  • kind of like an old arcade carpet that was recently cleaned but some kid spilled his bag of hazelnuts and they got ground in from that guy playing pinball
  • strong blueberry flavour
  • a touch dusty


  • high starts to creep in during the last 1/2 of the joint
  • whole head feeling buzzed
    • neck, face, sides & top of the head
  • moderate pain relief
  • almost feel more awake and alert
  • has a bit of a chesty feeling and nutty taste on deep breaths
  • spacey
  • really decent high that feels just as strong an hour in
  • lasts 2.5 – 3hrs

Reviewed Jan 12, 2021

Medicine Man Shop provided this flower free of charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

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