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1000mg THC High Dose Cherry Gummy From Order Weed Online

This gummy wins the “Worst Edible” award!

1000mg THC High Dose Cherry Gummy From Order Weed Online – 0.25/10


  • no smell while the bag is sealed
  • as soon as the seal is cut off the bag it reeks like chemical cherry jello – even without opening the zip
  • only gets more potent smelling once the bag is opened
  • extremely strong chemically cherry smell when held up to the nose
  • smells like there is so much flavourant that it might hurt you

So I took a bite of this gummy and immediately regretted it and started wondering why I even do reviews and then wondered if I was going to die.


  • sealed smaller mylar bag with full size printing front and back
  • has nutritional info and ingredients listed
    • claims to be full spectrum extract
  • no:
    • child resistant packaging
    • Health Canada BS
    • claims of lab testing
  • gummy itself is molded similarly to a standard fidget spinner
    • a sort of tri-tip swirly looking thing
  • fairly large sized for a single gummy but it does allegedly contain 1000mg so it should be larger
  • colouring is interesting, kind of reddish -almost maroon shade and very opaque, not even a hint of translucency – even after being stretched a little
    • almost has the consistency of a DARE brand foam type gummy
    • shiny and glossy
    • retains its shape after being stretched out
  • shape of the gummy would make it very difficult to cut into lower doses
    • the only feasible way to stay consistent would be to weigh the gummy and then cut and weigh pieces and do a little math
    • seems like it’s meant for one person in one sitting


  • holy fucking BITTER
    • sweet fucking hell this shit is burning my tongue
  • tastes like hair spray or perfume
  • tongue and throat are slightly numb
  • throat is burning
  • tastes alcoholy or possibly like propane or butane
  • this is hands down the worst tasting anything that I’ve ever put in my mouth
  • straight up tastes poisonous

So I took a bite of this gummy and immediately regretted it and started wondering why I even do reviews and then wondered if I was going to die.

As soon as it hit my mouth the overwhelming poisonous butane perfumey taste started to burn my tongue and I looked at the rest of the gummy in my hand, then to the High Dose bag, then to my notes and back to the gummy again.

I seriously thought I may have been poisoned.

The choices were, spit it out and rinse out my mouth or keep going… so I kept going.

I had to hold my hand in front of my mouth the entire time while eating this because I thought that my body would reject it.

The idea that you may be purposefully eating poison is not fun and my body was not happy that I continued to eat this heinous thing.


This gummy was eaten between 1:22pm – 1:30pm

  • 1:39pm
    • numb tongue and a burnt throat
  • 1:50pm
    • had to go smoke some cannabis flower in my bong, this god awful gummy left my mouth and throat feeling incredibly abused
  • 2:00pm
    • baked of course but it’s from the cannabis flower, doesn’t feel like much of any companionship from the edible
    • feeling a bit chesty, head foggy, burnt throat and the disgusting gummy aftertaste is still lingering
  • 2:50pm
    • still feeling the same as 2:00pm – hasn’t gone up or down
  • 3:00pm
    • feeling pretty sleepy
    • dry eyes
    • not really feeling any higher than 10min ago
  • 4:05pm
    • smoked more cannabis flower in the bong
      • feeling alright
  • 4:50pm
    • same sort of feelings as 2:00pm
      • baked but it’s from the cannabis flower in the bong
      • there doesn’t seem to be any extra additional feeling from the edible

My stomach got pretty upset with me a bit later in the evening and I can say without a doubt it’s because of this gummy

I felt nothing from this thing except a shitty aftertaste, a numb tongue and a burnt throat.

So why does it get anything about 0/10 for the rating?

Simply because of the packaging and the look of the gummy. That is the only reason I’m not giving this gummy a straight up 0/10

In my opinion, this thing shouldn’t even exist – avoid it like the plague!!

Reviewed Jan 9, 2021

Order Weed Online provided this flower free of charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

High Dose Cherry 1000 THC

Inspired by the laidback lifestyle of West Coast surfers, skaters, and dreamers, High Dose Cherry gummies are edibles for the sake of fun.

Cannabis Edibles

In the age of cannabis as a health and wellness holy grail, the joy of taking an edible with your buddies and kicking back is beginning to look like a thing of the past. At High Dose, we’re not health-hero-haters, but we think there’s still a time and place when good weed can just be good weed. That’s why we created High Dose gummies: delicious gummies, infused with a f*ck-ton of the highest quality THC around, that are made with a good time in mind.

Enjoy our High Dose Gummies

Enjoy High Dose Cherry gummies by yourself or with friends, but we’d recommend asking a trusted friend to temporarily block the numbers of anyone you may be trying to impress on your phone. Go get weird. 

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