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250MG THC Hot Chocolate From GanjaFused

250MG THC Hot Chocolate From GanjaFused – 9.5/10

This product was custom made for the purposes of review, I was asked what level of THC I would like and said a variety would be nice.
Of the items received, this is the highest THC level provided at 250MG


  • nothing while the bag is sealed
  • once opened it smells like hot chocolate and mushrooms
  • little bit of a weed scent
  • smells like earthy, slightly spicy hot chocolate after it’s been mixed up


  • mylar bag has a handwritten label and clear view window of the hot chocolate powder mix
    • labels were on backorder at the time this sample was sent out
  • no:
    • child resistant packaging
    • ingredients list
    • nutritional facts
    • Health Canada BS
    • claims of lab testing
  • hot chocolate powder looks brownish with white specks
    • normal look for pre-mixed hot chocolate powder, nothing looks weird
  • after being mixed up, the colour is a nice creamy brown
    • used mostly boiling water and then topped with some homogenized milk for creaminess

This drink will fuck you up


  • tastes like hot chocolate and weed
    • sweet earthy weed
  • definitely notice the cannabis taste but not overpowering or disgusting
    • weed taste sort of works with the chocolate similarly to some chili powder
  • nothing bitter or hay-like or anything nasty – just hot chocolate and some light devil’s lettuce flavour


This was consumed fairly slowly from 2:50pm – 3:30pm

  • 3:30pm
    • nothing really
  • 3:50pm
    • head and eyes feeling it
    • very much in the forehead
  • 4:00pm
    • spaced out
    • body feels a bit woobly
  • 4:15pm
    • ate some munchies
  • 4:40pm
    • everything feels surreal and weird
    • vision and physical feelings are undescribable
      • not hallucinatory but dream-like
      • definitely on another level
  • 5:00pm
    • smoked a couple bowls of home grown Grapefruit in the bong
  • 5:30pm
    • feeling incredibly wrecked
    • very sleepy
    • dry eyes
    • dreamy feelings and vision
    • body feels woobly as fuck
  • physically couldn’t keep logging the high after this point but it lasted for a couple more hours, pretty intense the whole time – this drink will fuck you up

Reviewed Jan 8, 2021

GanjaFused provided this THC infused beverage free of charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

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