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Pink Kush From Order Weed Online

Pink Kush From Order Weed Online – 9.5/10


  • sour earthy scent
  • gassy
  • definitely has the kush nasal pinch
  • reminiscent of cold winter air from a lake or ocean
  • has a deep sweetness to it


  • medium-larger sized bud (and a smaller nubbin)
  • manicure seems good
  • moisture content is on point
  • buds are hard, tight dense and sticky
  • lots of purples in this flower all mixed with deep and bright greens and reddish brown stigmas
  • has a silvery sparkly coating of trichomes
  • really nice looking and very sparkly
  • incredibly sticky inside and out


  • Order Weed Online organic hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • grinds up to a good consistency with everything looking relatively even
  • lots of bud stick in the grinder
  • average amount of kief yielded
  • rolled very easily as most sticky bud does
  • nice tight thick joint burns ridiculously slow leaving behind a mid-light grey ash that’s very soft in texture and leaves no finger stain


  • floral – very floral like the flower section of a greenhouse
  • earthy and peppery
  • skunky
  • getting some greasy onion/garlic
  • not harsh but definitely induces the coughing
  • earthy aftertaste


  • comes on during the last 1/2 of the doob
  • chesty feeling
  • getting the pasties
  • eyes are super dry
  • very good pain relief
  • head is fuzzy
  • spaced right out
  • this is a couchlocker for sure
  • pretty much zoned out for 2.5hrs or so

Reviewed Jan 8, 2021

Order Weed Online provided this flower free of charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

Pink Kush Strain

The Pink Kush strain is known as the Indica dominant strain that is perfect for anyone who is looking to relieve their stress. The Sativa profile of this strain is less than 10%, despite the lower content of Sativa, it helps to boost happiness and have uplifting effects. 

Its surprisingly and vibrant sweet flavour is the main concern of some of the users. The versatility of this strain is also one of them. This strain can be used in a variety of ways. Many consumers claimed that this strain is useful to get rid of migraines, back pains, and other aches. This stain has some of the top tendencies as compared to the other strains with regards to soothing and calming properties. 

The Origin of Pink Kush

Its origins are not clear, however, it has some links with the OG kush strain. It is hard to grow as compared to the other strains. Frequent trimming is recommended due to the thickness of the branches. It is the best option for anyone who is looking to grow it, despite its longer growth time. 

The Aroma of the Pink Kush Strain

This amazing strain is known for its distinctive aroma. Its pungent and striking taste does not make it unpleasant for the users. Instead, some sweet tones of this strain make it a favourite strain among consumers. Along with the dashes of earth and wood, this strain has hints of vanilla. 

The Flavour

Pink kush strain has a strong flavour profile and a punchy kind of aroma. It’s a great choice for consumers who enjoy intricate flavours. On the inhale, pink kush strain has sweet notes followed by a floral bouquet. 

The Appearance of the Pink kush Strain

It is aesthetically appealing in nature. This strain possesses different colours that range from green, yellow, and pink. On sticky resin, pink kush strain has a thick coating. The frost appearance can be seen on each strain. The nuggets of this strain are dense and compact in appearance. You will see the different splashes of purples and tan as well as bits of orange colouring here. 

Medical benefits of Pink kush strain

Pink kush strain has calming, relaxing, and soothing effects. It has been known for its de-stressing effects. The one who wants to get rid of stress can use this strain. It is also great for those who want to get rid of the pain. People who suffer from migraines including back pain or muscle spams can use this strain. Besides, pink kush strain can also overcome insomnia as well as drowsiness. It can address other sleeping disorders and induce healthy sleeping patterns. It makes people relax as well as peaceful and they become more active and creative. 

Possible Side Effects 

Every medicine and drugs have some of their drawbacks, besides the beneficial effects. Some of the side effects of this strain include dry eyes, dizziness, and nausea. Dry mouth and mild paranoia are some of the other side reactions of this strain. 

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