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Dreamy Delite Edibles Baked Brownies 4x 100mg THC

Dreamy Delite Edibles provided this sample of brownies free of charge. Thank you!

Dreamy Delite Edibles Baked Brownies 4x 100mg THC – 9/10


  • nothing while bag is sealed
  • smells like quality chocolate brownies once the bag is open
  • after being microwaved they smell like melty chocolate and a bit buttery


  • paper craft style mylar bag with full sized logo/sticker front and back looks pretty professional
  • has standard ingredients and nutritional info
  • no:
    • child resistant packaging
    • Health Canada BS
    • claims of lab testing
  • brownies themselves are a little bit dry looking
    • one brownie is crumbled apart and another is on it’s way there
    • still a little crumbly after microwaving
  • appearance is pretty similar to the classic two-bite brownie although maybe a bit less tall
  • nice chocolatey brown colour


  • chocolatey
  • fudgey
  • they don’t taste nearly as dry as they appear
  • little bit of a crispy/crunchy outside and a smooth inside
  • good chocolate brownie flavour
  • no weed taste or anything else off
  • after being microwaved they taste closer to being fresh baked with a bit more sour butter flavour happening


Eaten between 1:40pm – 1:48pm

  • 1:50pm:
    • nothing
  • 2:15pm:
    • nothing – went and smoked some mixed flower in the bong
  • 3:15pm:
    • feeling pretty good – eyes dry, head jazzed, dry mouth
  • 3:30pm:
    • ate some food
  • 3:50pm:
    • feeling pretty damn good
    • body is feeling it
    • eyes are feeling a bit bleary
  • 4:26pm:
    • dry eyes
    • dry mouth
    • very deeply baked
  • 4:30pm:
    • smoked bong of jack herer
    • feeling baked as fuuuuuuuuck
  • 5:00pm:
    • still feeling damn good but starting to come down

Reviewed Jan 6, 2021

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