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125mg THC Ice Tea From GanjaFused

GanjaFused provided this THC infused beverage free of charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

125mg THC Ice Tea From GanjaFused – 9.25/10

This product was custom made for the purposes of review, I was asked what level of THC I would like and said a variety would be nice.
Of the items received, this is the medium THC level provided at 125MG


  • nothing while the bag is closed and sealed
  • has a standard lemon iced tea mix type scent when opened
  • once mixed up it’s fairly heavy on the lemon scent
  • no strange weed smell or anything out of the ordinary


  • mylar bag with hand written label
    • printed labels were on backorder at the time this was sent out
  • no:
    • child resistant packaging
    • Health Canada BS
    • claims of lab testing
    • ingredients list
    • nutritional facts
  • the powder mix is a normal looking light brown ice tea mix colour
  • once mixed up it was a little on the dark side however there was room left for ice cubes which ended up lightening the overall colour
    • also this time of drink is made to taste so you can make it more or less sweet as you mix


  • sweet lemony ice tea
  • no weed, hay, bitter or any weird tastes


This was drank between 2:23pm – 2:59pm

  • 3:00pm
    • nothing
  • 3:14pm
    • meh – head feels a little weird, body a bit woozly
  • 3:40pm
    • smoked an oil joint
  • 4:10pm
    • face & head feeling super buzzed
    • very deeply wrecked
    • can see space and time
  • 4:51pm
    • still incredibly stoned
    • very cerebral
    • ultra couch-lock
  • couldn’t keep focused on writing any more updates after this point, I was pretty damn wrecked

Reviewed Jan5, 2021

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