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Limoncello From Order Weed Online

Order Weed Online provided this flower free of charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

Limoncello From Order Weed Online – 7.75/10


  • very sweet
  • smells sort of funky like Slurricane
  • has a sandy beach scent going on
  • sour citrus
  • dusty
  • hints of berry or possibly cherry


  • nice looking tight buds have fairly decent manicure
  • somewhat sticky with a relatively firm density and good springback when squeezed
  • looks to be mostly lighter green with the occasional darker green sugar leaf tightly embedded and a heavy dose of brownish hairs
  • has a thick coating of dull trichomes that sparkle on the inside when a bud is broken open


  • Order Weed Online organic hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • grinds up nicely and seems relatively even and consistent
  • very little bud stick in the grinder
  • only slightly above average on the kief yield
  • rolled pretty easily resulting in a nice tight and thick joint
  • ash is medium grey, very slightly gritty and stains the fingers


  • tastes like mustard – ballpark yellow mustard
  • pine
  • sweet earthy flavour
  • can taste the weird funky smell it has
  • getting some apple cider
  • nice spicy aftertaste
  • smooth puffing for the first 1/2 of the joint then gets a little harsh


  • high starts to come on near the end of the joint
  • head feels a little fuzzy
    • more pronounced in the forehead
  • bit of a chesty feeling
  • moderate pain relief
  • feeling happy/smiley
  • overall its a lighter high that lasts about 1.5hrs or so but really has you wanting to smoke more and re-up the high about 45min after finishing the joint

Reviewed Jan 3, 2021

Limoncello Origins

Lemonchello 28 (also known as the Limoncello strain) is a well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing The Original Lemonnade and Cherry Pie.

Appearance of Limoncello

This strain produces compact green and purple buds with orange hairs and a thick coat of resin.

Flavour Of This Strain

With a delightful flavour profile of lemon and cherry with crisp citrus overtones, Lemonchello 28 leaves consumers feeling mellow and relaxed.

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