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Dreamy Delite Edibles Baked Brownies Red Velvet 4x 100mg THC

Dreamy Delite Edibles provided this sample of brownies free of charge. Thank you!

Red Velvet Baked Brownies 4x 100mg THC From Dreamy Delite Edibles – 4/10


  • nothing while bag is sealed
  • once unsealed and opened it smells like sweet chocolate
  • hard to tell if its a more of a chocolate chip cookie or chocolate cake scent
  • after being microwaved it smells like freshly baked melty chocolate chip cookies
  • absolutely zero weed or hay or strange type of smell in the aroma


  • sealed paper covered craft style mylar bag with full size stickers front and back
  • includes standard information, brand, ingredients, nutritional facts
  • seems to be missing the THC ingredient.. not sure what to say about that
  • no:
    • child resistant packaging
    • Health Canada BS
    • claims of lab testing
    • listed THC medicinal ingredient – distillate? kief? full spectrum? .. ??
  • packaging recommends storage in the freezer for long term – these were kept in the fridge for about a week or so
  • also recommends microwaving for 30s before consumption
  • the brownies themselves are a little shorter than standard store-bought two bite brownies
  • appearance is reddish with the odd yellow hued white chocolate chip showing up
  • feel slightly on the hard side although not stale


  • the taste is nice
  • just a little bit crusty on the outside and softer in the middle
  • tastes like a chocolate chip brownie
  • absolutely nothing strange tasting
    • no weed or hay or anything odd
  • when microwaved they come out of the oven sizzling
  • much softer and gooey
  • nicer mouth feel – similar to a fresh brownie from the oven that you couldn’t resist digging into before its cooled
  • little bit of a cheesy taste
    • most likely from the white chocolate chips, possibly from the butter
  • incredibly minimal bitter aftertaste
    • probably wouldn’t even notice the slight bitterness if it wasn’t being reviewed


All 4 of the brownies were eaten for this review. Eaten between 1:08pm1:17pm

  • 1:18pm – nothing
  • 1:33pm – eyes feel dry
  • 1:43pm – some extremely light head spaciness and still dry eyes
  • 2:41pm – minimal head buzz, moderate pain relief – going to smoke some cannabis flower in the bong
  • 3:17pm – ate a sandwich
  • 3:30pm – not really feeling too much more than the bong smoked almost an hour ago
  • 4:00pm – meh – really not feeling anything

So as for a high, really I got next to nothing. The fact that I could feel some dry eyes after about 10 – 15 minutes tells me that this brownie is probably potent however most edibles don’t seem to effect me very strongly and this is no exception.
The Red Velvet Baked Brownies 4x 100mg THC From Dreamy Delite Edibles gets a 4/10 mostly because it tastes pretty good – even if they had no THC they’re quality brownies made with real ingredients.

For those who know: no, there was no brown piss

Reviewed Jan 2, 2021

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