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Comatose From Budem

Comatose From Budem – 7/10


  • farts
  • ripened pineapples
  • beach sand
  • very pungent
  • somewhat sweet but also a bit spicy
  • little bit of a landfill smell – stinky
  • dusty/earthy
  • extreme grease smell when broken open


  • seems like an alright manicure on relatively tight buds
  • mostly darker greens with some brown stigmas that mostly seem to blend in
  • has good moisture content with a decent springback after being squeezed
  • little bit sticky inside and out
  • not much visual trichome coverage on the outside and just a bit of sparkle when broken open


  • OCB organic hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busts up pretty nicely
    • looks fairly even and consistently sized
  • leaves an average amount of bud stick in the grinder
    • considerably below average on the kief yield
  • the roll was good, there’s still a good amount of moisture/stickiness to facilitate a smooth roll resulting in a thick tight joint
  • ash is medium-light grey, soft to the touch with no finger stain


  • tastes clean – very weird considering it smells pretty dirty
  • piney
  • slightly bitter
  • getting some fruit – specifically canned pears
  • just a touch earthy
  • hints of classic skunk
  • little bit of a cherry-heavy fruit cocktail syrup taste
  • slight wet paper taste
  • has a spicy wood/cedar type aftertaste


  • high starts to hit closer to the end of the joint
  • head is buzzy
  • feeling fairly spaced out
  • nice pain relief
  • slightly bubbly & happy feels
  • feels like the mind is active but the body is sedentary
  • decent high that lasts a good 2hrs

Reviewed Dec 31, 2020

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