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Cherry Drink 62.5mg THC From GanjaFused

GanjaFused provided this THC infused beverage free of charge for the purposes of review. Thank you!

Cherry Drink 62.5mg THC From GanjaFused – 8.25/10

This product was custom made for the purposes of review, I was asked what level of THC I would like and said a variety would be nice.
Of the items received, this is the lowest THC level provided at 62.5MG


  • doesn’t have a scent when the bag is closed
  • once opened it smells like cherry drink mix or jello powder
  • after it’s been mixed with water it smells like cherry Kool-Aid


  • comes in a standard mylar pouch with one side transparent
  • the label is hand written – printed labels are on back-order at this time
  • no:
    • ingredients or nutritional facts
    • child resistant packaging
    • Health Canada BS
    • claims of lab testing
    • in fact – the hand-written label doesn’t even mention THC
      • labeling concerns are really a non-issue at this time due to the back-ordered label info
  • the powder mix itself looks pinkish and normal, nothing weird going on here
  • poured an unknown amount of boiling water from a kettle into the glass and it mixed up nicely with a brilliant red colour and cherry candy type scent
    • the glass was put into the fridge to cool down for later consumption


Taste is going to be slightly personal here because it really depends on your preferred level of sweetness and how much water you choose to mix in

  • there was room left for ice cubes so 3 were added
  • tastes extremely sweet, and I ended up adding a bit more water to it
  • this beverage tastes just like it should, an artificial cherry flavour that’s found in a lot of candies, juices, jellies etc.
    • not able to taste any weed or hay or strange bitterness or anything out of the ordinary

Left room for ice cubes


Started to drink at 1:26pm – finished at 2:00pm

  • 2:00pm – not feeling much
  • 2:14pm – little bit of a head buzz
    • mostly in the eyes and top of the head
  • 2:22pm – extremely dry eyes
    • starting to feel some potency
      • very much like the effects of a good joint
  • 2:40pm – smoked bong of Jack Herer
    • feeling nice
  • 2:55pm – feeling extremely wrecked and very spaced out
  • 3:24pm – almost fell asleep
  • 4:20pm – smoked mixed cannabis flower in a bong
    • still feeling pretty damn good
  • 4:57pm – not feeling sleepy anymore but still have a nice bake on, definitely enhanced by the smoking of the cannabis flower but quite intense
  • slowly starts to come down after the 3.5hr mark or so

A previous version of the Cherry Drink with unknown THC dosage

Reviewed Dec 30, 2020

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