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Pacific CBD 200mg THC Sugar Free Gummy Bears From DNMN

DNMN provided this edible free of charge for the purposes of review. Thank you.


  • nothing while sealed inside the bag
  • once opened it smells sweet, fruity – almost bubblegum scented


  • plastic bag with printed on logo/information – not a sticker
  • not child resistant
  • no Health Canada BS
  • claims to be lab tested
  • no nutritional facts
  • the gummies themselves are about 50% bigger than standard Haribo brand bears
  • there is a little bit of sugar coating them – almost appears to be an afterthought
  • colours are fairly standard, yellow, orange, pink, red, green and clear/white


  • Green is a sour apple flavour
    • can taste some bitterness but not bad
  • Pink is a sour strawberry
    • slightly bitter
  • clear/white is a sour pineapple
    • slightly bitter but probably the best tasting of the bunch
  • orange is orange
    • nothing weird here
  • red is like a sour cherry gumball
    • also slightly bitter
  • the gummies have a really nice texture, chew and mouth feel
    • solid and firm without being too soft and gooey
  • bitter taste is more of a weed/distillate bitterness than aspartame or any sort of fake sugar taste


Ate these gummies (the whole 8pc bag) between 1:23 & 1:29pm

  • 1:30pm – not feeling anything
  • 1:40pm – nothing
  • 2:25pm – still nothing
  • 3:14pm – smoked some cannabis flower in the bong
    • not feeling anything more than the weed that was smoked

Overall there was absolutely no effect felt from these gummies.

Yes they are CBD so they shouldn’t get you stoned but I would imagine there would be some effect, even if it was just slightly calming or something but I felt absolutely nothing from this entire bag.

As listed on the back of the bag, this product is suggested as a dietary supplement with only 1 – 2 gummies being taken daily.

Perhaps that might work for non cannabis smokers experiencing some sort of problem that CBD is known to be helpful with however I personally suffer from chronic pain and didn’t notice any difference after eating this entire bag.

Reviewed Dec 20, 2020

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