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Dreamy Delite Edibles 200mg THC Cereal MedBar [Fruitloops]

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Unfortunately for Dreamy Delite Edibles, a MOM unknowingly sent out some improperly stored edible products to customers; click here to see the more information and a review of an improperly stored bar.

Dreamy Delite Edibles reached around to the community and provided samples of their fresh product to all who had received the questionable merchandise.

That is how this product got in my hands.

Dreamy Delite Edibles 200mg THC Cereal MedBar [FruitLoops] – 7.5/10

Click here to view the first review of the same [yet improperly stored] bar for comparison


  • nothing while the bag is sealed
  • once opened it smells like:
  • sugar
  • lemony citrus
  • exactly the same as the previous bar minus the plastic wrap scent


  • same bag as the previous bar
    • looks fairly professional, information is applied via stickers
    • not child resistant and no Health Canada BS
    • has ingredients list and nutritional facts
  • no plastic wrap this time
    • just cut off the seal and opened the zipper and the bar is bare and naked inside the bag (as it should be)
  • the colours appear brighter and overall the look is fresher and more appealing
  • there is a visible layer of frosting on top – more or less like the picture on the bag
  • the coating holding the loops together actually looks good
  • feels solid – not soft or soggy or anything off


  • solid and crispy/crunchy
  • icing layer is noticeable
    • it’s very sweet like vanilla white chocolate but super soft and melts in your mouth quickly
    • compliments the crunchy loops nicely
  • tastes like fruit loops – not stale
  • seems a lot like something a friends mom would make for a Halloween party or something
  • has a bit of a weed aftertaste that’t slightly bitter but not overwhelming
  • leaves a bit of a greasy/oily mouth coating afterwards
    • probably wouldn’t have noticed this if it wasn’t being reviewed
  • overall the taste was really good


Ate the bar between 1:55pm – 2:01pm

  • 2:02pm – nothing
  • 2:15pm – actually starting to feel a little bit
    • extremely minimal body buzz
    • head is slightly floaty
  • 2:46pm – same as 2:15pm but just a little bit more intense
    • feels more along the lines of the high from a good joint
  • 3:10pm – smoked a bong of Acapulco Gold flower
    • feeling pretty decent, playing some video games
  • 5:12pm – smoked another A.Gold bong
    • overall feeling pretty nicely baked – definitely more than just smoking the flower would provide
    • eyes and mouth extremely dry
  • 6:15pm – done
    • like done, done.
    • feels like I’m stone cold sober all of a sudden….

Reviewed Dec 28, 2020

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