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Dreamy Delite Edibles 200mg THC Cereal MedBar [Fruitloops] From DNMN

DNMN provided this edible free of charge for the purposes of review. Thank you.

Disclaimer: It has been determined that these Dreamy Delite Edibles were stored improperly before being send to customers.
This product was not only provided free of charge but DNMN went the extra mile and gave a credit to every customer who received one of these products.
In addition, Dreamy Delite Edibles reached around to as many people as they were able to track down and offered replacement packages of edibles free of charge.


Did you really eat this thing?




Are you insane?


Must be..



  • nothing while the bag is sealed
  • once opened it smells like:
  • sugar
  • plastic wrap
  • lemony citrus


  • the mylar bag is nice enough – looks somewhat professionally done
    • has nice logo, image of product, ingredients, nutritional facts
    • missing child resistant packaging and Health Canada BS
  • inside the bag, the bar is wrapped in plastic wrap – not very professional looking but ok
  • once the bar is pulled out of the bag it is very immediately apparent that something is wrong here
    • it doesn’t look much like the picture on the package
    • the fruitloops cereal on one side looks like its covered in semen and on the other side looks like its covered in extra thick separated semen from a rhinoceros or something.. what the fuck?
  • the cereal seems soft and moist as if it was wrapped while still warm and retained moisture inside
  • but at the same time, the whole bar seems solid and hard – not flexible and wet.. very strange
  • image on the package shows a thick layer of icing, not sure why mine doesn’t have any of that but I’m assuming the rhino semen is supposed to be the thick icing layer
  • if this was made by a 5yr old child, it would still be a very dubious looking cereal bar but it would get a little bit of extra leeway on the appearance
    • being made by a company however, this thing is abysmal and incredibly heinous looking


  • stale cereal
  • hay
  • weed
  • sweet sugar
  • really not super terrible tasting
    • doesn’t taste as bad as it looks
  • crispy and crunchy! – definite WTF because it felt soft to the touch on the outside
  • can definitely taste the cannabis which lingers on the tongue with the stale sweet cereal flavour
  • very dry
  • hard to choke down


Started to eat this at 3:15pm – finished by 3:30pm

  • 3:30pm – bit of a stinging throat
    • bad aftertaste – bitter and stale
    • stomach is upset
    • feeling nauseated
  • 3:35pm – same thing
  • 3:37pm – threw up a little in my mouth
    • this bar is hard to keep down and my stomach is roiling
  • 3:50pm – still feeling pukey but also a bit stoned
    • seems almost like a joint type high with spaced head and somewhat surreal vision
  • 4:20pm – smoked a joint of homegrown Cheese to try and settle my stomach
  • 4:42pm – stomach is feeling slightly better
  • 5:25pm – feeling pretty good now
    • stomach has calmed down
    • got a nice deep stone
    • full head buzz
    • eyes feel dry and red
    • mouth is dryer than a popcorn’s fart

There is definitely THC in this edible and it works well, unlike a lot of those nasty distillate sprayed gummies and things.

This edible, despite its utterly disgusting appearance, actually works.

Reviewed Dec 13, 2020

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