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Neo-Tokyo Metal Pipe From Toke And Smoke Shop

Toke and Smoke Shop included this pipe in a sample package of product that was provided free of charge for review. Thank you.

Is it a deflated balloon or a pipe?

Upon opening up the package that Toke and Smoke Shop sent out, I found this little [yet heavy] box mixed in with the other goodies.

Opening the box reveals a black metal pipe that resembles a deflated rubber balloon with the Toke and Smoke Shop logo on the stem near the mouthpiece.

Ok so it’s a shill pipe.. big deal.

I thought it seemed interesting and at least worth trying out.

Turns out its actually pretty neat and I may use this more often than originally anticipated.

This pipe is metal and weighs a lot more than you would think of something so small.

The fine details and finishing on the pipe are nice on the outside but a bit rough looking on the inside.

Essentially this thing is three pieces of formed metal that are all held together to make a pipe by a single magnetic point located right in the middle of the device.

The bottom piece of the spoon has a magnet and the lid has the corresponding magnet with just a hole in the middle piece to allow the top and bottom to connect.

Looking at the bowl of the pipe made me wonder how to get a screen in it. The bowl is very very wide and smooth with nothing for a metal screen to grip on to or any way for it to stay in place.

After inspecting the pipe inside and out, I came to the conclusion that perhaps no screen is necessary.

It looks like the way the bowl is designed is to sort of act like a makeshift screen, and there also appears to be a baffle on the inside of the pipe that prevents any plant material from entering the stem and then your mouth.

Smart design.

Well there’s really only one way to find out – need to try it out.

No Screen

When the pipe is brand new, the sides of the bowl are slick and smooth and don’t allow the cannabis to really sink down and stay down. It all just wants to fluff up and sit at the top.

What this means is that if you spark up the bowl right away, then there are no concerns because it will smoke and burn down and resin up your bowl for next time so your bud can stick in a bit better.

However if you intend to slide the magnetic lid closed on a clean bowl with cannabis flower in it, you might find that the lid wants to push a bunch of the weed out of the bowl.
And then upon opening it, you’ll notice the lid wants to take some of that pot from your bowl and spill it on the floor.

That problem only comes up when the bowl of this pipe is clean and slick. After smoking some grass in it, a resin will develop in the bowl that will enable your devils lettuce to stay packed down and the lid won’t push it out anywhere.

Okay.. so how does it hit?

This pipe hits really nicely.

I had concerns about it being all metal with no rubber or silicone seal to keep it air tight and there is no choke or carburetor on the pipe, but it works to the pipes advantage.

The hauls are cool and lung filling.

The bowl is incredibly wide and deeper than it looks so it can hold a good amount of dope.

Barely touching the flame of the lighter to the bowl instantly saw a cherry develop and maintain for the life of the bowl even though it was set down for some pictures to be taken.

When taking a hoot, there is some noticeable air that comes in from the sides of the pipe and it works to help cool down the hit from the bowl.

Combined with the layout of the bowl and the baffle inside, this pipe works astoundingly well.

There was a little bit of an awkward moment while trying to figure out the best way to hold the thing because the lid needs to stay attached or the whole pipe will come apart.
Yet the lid doesn’t really swing far off to the side and because it’s held on by magnets if you try to pinch-grip the pipe, you’ll just end up closing the lid while you’re puffing.

A little bit of testing revealed the best way to hold this pipe for smoking is by the lid itself.
The magnet is incredibly strong – I tried holding the pipe by the lid and shaking it fairly violently to see if the rest of the pipe would snap apart but it held together solidly.

This makes a nice little handle to hold the pipe and also doesn’t feel like it gets hot at all.

This pipe does not require a screen.

This pipe comes completely apart for easy cleaning and being all metal, it should be ok to just let it sit in some 99% isopropyl alcohol to get it nice and clean again.

Overall I’m quite impressed with this thing.

I thought it would be another novelty pipe that just sits on display looking silly and garnering the odd question from anyone who happens to notice and wonder what it is.

I’m not much of a pipe smoker anymore (lots of pipe use in my early days) and when I do use a pipe its generally a glass bowl and almost always for hash smoking.

That being said, I think this pipe is going to make it into my smoking apparatus rotation, albeit on a less-used basis because I’m still not the biggest pipe smoker.

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