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Bud Edibles Oreo Cookies From Budem

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These edibles were provided free of charge by Budem. Thank you!

Bud Edibles Oreo Cookies 250mg THC From Budem – 5/10


  • nothing while the bag is closed
  • smells sweet and chocolatey with vanilla creme – just like an oreo cookie should smell


  • mylar bag with two cookies in it
    • clear on one side and the other has a plain label
  • no nutritional value listed
  • not child resistant
  • nothing about ingredients or whether it’s just distillate or some sort of full spectrum extract etc.
  • does not claim to be lab tested
  • oreo cookies look normal – nothing strange about them


Eaten between 3:50pm – 3:54pm

  • tastes really bitter
  • sort of like hay mixed with an oreo
  • that’s basically it..
    • if someone gave you these oreos and didn’t tell you that they were special cookies, you would definitely be able to tell something is weird about them


  • 3:54pm – nothing
  • 4:23pm – still nothing
  • 4:57pm – ate dinner
  • 5:05pm – not really feeling much
  • 5:23pm – smoked some Tropic Truffle flower in the bong
  • 5:38pm – definitely feel more stoned than just the hoots from the bong would do but not really feeling extra wrecked like you’d think would happen from 250mg of THC
    • I’m going to assume these are distillate sprayed which would account for the bitter taste and store bought look
      • nothing against that type of product but for someone like myself who is a well seasoned smoker, this doesn’t have much effect unfortunately

Reviewed Nov 27, 2020

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