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Death Bubba From High Garden

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This free sample of flower was provided courtesy of High Garden for the purposes of review. Thank You!

Death Bubba From High Garden 8.75/10


  • greasy, gassy and skunky
  • very strong smelling
  • has a kush type nasal pinch
  • little bit earthy
  • getting some hints of garlic


  • medium sized buds have a decent manicure without being microphoned off
  • dense and sticky with a fair amount of visible sparkle
  • good springback when squeezed
  • mostly mid tone greens with reddish stigmas and in addition to the glisten, the trichomes add a sort of blueish tinge to the bud
  • seeing a little bit of purple when busted up


  • OCB Organic Hemp single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busted up to a nice even size and consistency
  • well above average on the bud stick
  • considerably below average on the kief yield – apparently it all wants to stick with the weed
  • roll was very easy due to the stickiness
  • ash is very light grey, relatively soft and has minimal finger stain


  • bitter dirty earth
  • greasy pine
  • really strong classic weed taste leaning heavy on the skunky side
  • get super earthy skunk taste/smell on the nasal exhales
  • mostly bitter throughout the joint like a craft beer
    • however it does get sweet near the end


  • high started to hit me shortly after finishing the joint
  • eyes feeling extremely heavy and dry
  • good pain relief
  • somewhat bitter earthy aftertaste
  • zoned right out
  • this is a couch-locker for sure
  • the high lasts apprx. 2hrs however;
    • couldn’t shake the sleepy feeling from this weed all day long – had an early afternoon nap and still woke up feeling sleepy
      • smoke this at night

Reviewed Nov 24, 2020

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