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Nuken From High Garden

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This free sample of flower was provided courtesy of High Garden for the purposes of review. Thank You!

Nuken From High Garden – 9/10


  • very very sweet – like fruity candy
  • slight funk smell mixed in with berries gives it a kind of cherry cheese turnover smell
  • this smells almost exactly like my high school girlfriends Lip Smacker filled purse
  • getting a greasy plasticky smell when broken open with a little bit of scotch tape mixed in
  • this doesn’t smell like any other Nuken that I’ve had and smells more along the lines of a Cherry Nuken budder cookie I’ve got


  • medium sized super dense buds are very tight and hard
  • microphoned look from what I would assume is an autotrimmer
  • somewhat lighter greens and amber stigmas are all dusted with a mostly dull looking whitish trichome coverge that has an odd sparkle here and there as you turn it around and look at it under a good light
  • it does spring back when squeezed – assuming you can squeeze it considering how dense it is
  • still decently sticky on the inside which is nice


  • RAW Organic Hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busted up nicely – looks like a fairly even grind
  • very little bud stick but way above average on the kief yield
  • rolled very easily resulting in a nice tight joint
    • side note these RAW Organic Hemp papers suck and the gum does not want to stay glued
  • ash is lighter grey and very soft to the touch


  • earthy and sweet
  • funky fruit type taste – very much how it smells
  • reminds me of a freshly vacuumed 80s arcade
  • getting some grease – hydraulic grease
  • Palmolive dishsoap taste – not the soapyness – just that weird smell coming through as a flavour
  • really nice puffing
  • ….until about 1/2 way in when it resins up so much that it becomes unsmokeable
    • finished the last 1/2 in my glass bong


  • started to kick in just before it became unsmokeable
  • feels pretty potent
  • nice and dreamy head space
  • vision is feeling a little surreal
  • not bad pain relief
  • getting energy off of this… which is a bit strange considering its supposed to be a high indica
    • cleaned house and prepped for a new grow while baked on this stuff – really can’t complain about that

Reviewed Nov 22, 2020

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