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Kyber Pass Hash From ACMedical

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This free sample of hashish was provided courtesy of ACMedical for the purposes of review. Thank You!

Kyber Pass Hash From ACMedical 8.75/10


  • sour sweetness
  • chocolatey
  • warm coffee grounds
  • earthy
  • very light pleasant smell – nice and homey


  • extremely soft black ball
  • would prefer if the hash was left un-balled – just cut the chunk and leave as is – better to have a hands-off approach
  • cut open it’s very dark brown – nearly black inside
  • there appears to be more than the average plant matter in this hash – visible inside and out
  • very sticky and soft


  • no rolling – this was sampled in a silicone spoon pipe with glass bowl and ceramic disc filter


  • weird…. tastes.. aged
  • like old school hash that someones been hanging onto
  • orange citrus and spice
  • earthy clay
  • has a clean forest type of taste
  • super duper smooth smoking – very nice
  • has an incredibly strong tobacco finish – I found this to be pleasant and I don’t smoke tobacco – quit cigarettes over 10yrs ago
    • however the aftertaste was so strong that I thought maybe the specks might be tobacco
    • later on I mixed in the tiniest amount of cigarette tobacco with some lower grade Moroccan hash and left it until the next day to test
    • the Moroccan hash + tobacco in the pipe did not leave the same tobacco aftertaste that the Kyber Pass hash has
      • not a scientific test by any means but something worth trying out
        • I later froze and scrubbed the ever-loving heck out of the pipe to get rid of all traces of tobacco resin – ick


  • starts to hit about mid-bowl
  • feeling nice and buzzed
  • foggy head
  • surreal/dreamy type vision
  • decent pain relief
  • feeling pretty zoned out
  • head feels really frickin good
  • fairly deep stone but nice and chill
  • really reminds me of an amplified tobacco/hash buzz but that could be due to the aftertaste
  • face feels warm and fuzzy
  • bit of a chesty feeling and taste
  • nice to relax and listen to some music
  • easily lasts a good couple of hours – totally spaced out

Reviewed Nov 20, 2020

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