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Hashmallow Smores From ACMedical

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This edible was provided free of charge from ACMedical for the purpose of review. Thank You!

Hashmallow Smores From ACMedical – 8.75/10


  • cardboard box scent while it’s still sealed
  • once the box is opened it smells sweet and chocolatey
  • hints of vanilla
  • once cut open there are light hints of earthy cannabis


  • apprx. 58mm x 58mm x 25mm box
  • plain cardboard with nothing but the front logo and a sticker sealing it shut that says 19+
  • looks cute and homey – small batch artisanal type feel to it
  • lacks any sort of child safety, ingredient list, nutritional facts and even seems to be missing contact info – slap a website or something on there maybe?
  • open the box to reveal a mottled chocolatey blob inside a peanut butter cup sleeve
  • looks a bit rough and home made
  • cut open reveals crispy graham cracker wafers with a nice looking sticky marshmallow middle – looks really nice


Eaten @ 1:58pm

  • definitely has a weed taste
  • tastes like a smores
  • really good texture on the marshmallow – tastes home made but not ridiculously soft like a lot of them turn out
  • the cannabis flavour actually works with the cookie, chocolate and marshmallow really nicely – it all blends and balances well
  • the marshmallow layer looks a bit thin when it’s cut in half but the ratio of chocolate/cookie/marshmallow is perfect


  • 2:03pm – nothing
  • 2:29pm – feeling a bit of a buzz
    • head is a little fuzzy
    • vision seems slightly dreamy
  • 4:10pm – smoked some Dutch Treat in the bong and holy good god am I ever done in
  • 4:33pm – eyes dry and slitty – very red – incredibly baked
  • I couldn’t really keep track of details after this point but I was shmeckered for a good few hours, it was really nice

Reviewed Nov 22, 2020

Chef Michelangelo is a RED SEAL certified pastry chef with a passion for chocolate and cannabis.  Since COVID 19 pandemic struck, he has been unable to work in the hospitality industry.  With all of the extra time on his hands and a true passion for chocolatiering and baking, he has created an amazing product line of cannabis THC infused treats.  Each type of edible comes in three strengths, 100mg, 250mg, and 600mg THC per unit.

-RED SEAL certified pastry chef

-Top shelf AAAA quality baking chocolates used as the base ingredients for these treats

-98% distillate made using rotovap extraction methods leaving no cannabis taste in the end product

-Truly delicious cannabis edibles – 2 thumbs up for taste –

**Caution** do not start pigging out on these when you get the munchies 

ACMedical Website

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