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Afghani Hash From ACMedical

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This free sample of hashish was provided courtesy of ACMedical for the purposes of review. Thank You!

Afghani Hash From ACMedical – 8.5/10


  • meaty – smells like sandwich meat – maybe salami?
  • really unique spiciness
  • cut open smells really nice – almost gingery
  • getting a peppery pfeffernusse cookie type smell

“marimoko” written in hashish


  • small rounded ball of black hash with visible creases where it was folded over itself
  • personally prefer unrolled hash
    • the image on the website shows a solid slab, which means someone cut a chunk off and then rolled it up
    • please do not do this
    • just cut off a chunk and leave it as is
    • less hands touching the product is better
  • there are a few specks inside and out on this hash – unsure exactly what they are but nothing that looks bad
  • fairly soft and malleable
  • inside of hash is brownish when cut open
  • pretty resinous – when cutting in half, it stained the white paper it was on so I wrote out “marimoko” with a piece of hash
  • sticky – sticks up your fingers nicely


  • no rolling this hash – a silicone spoon dab pipe with a glass bowl and ceramic disc filter was used


  • deep fried pine needles coated in black pepper
  • clean and fresh
  • holy pine – very woodsy
  • reminiscent of mountain alpine air
  • earthy
  • gets sweet near the end of the bowl
  • has a cigar type aftertaste – not specifically tobacco but similar to a nice mid-range quality robusto
  • clean smooth puffing all the way through


  • starts to hit about 1/2 way into the bowl
  • intensifies by the time the bowl is finished
  • very head fuzzy – particularly the top left side
  • face is warm
  • slightly chesty feeling and taste on deep breaths
  • really relaxing high
  • kept me buzzed for about 2hrs or so

Reviewed Nov 19, 2020

– Gold Seal Imported Hash

– Classic pungent aroma, and a slow burn!

– Soft and Malleable, easily spreads into Bowls, Joints etc.

– A hash lovers delight

– Gold Seal Packaging Not included, only used during shipping of the bricks

ACMedical Website

Click here to see the alcohol test.

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