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Doobie Snacks Hard Candy From The Green Ace

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This package of edibles was provided free of charge by The Green Ace. Thank You!

Doobie Snacks Rootbeer Flavoured Hard Candy From The Green Ace – 5.75/10


  • nothing with the bag sealed – that’s good
  • once the bag is opened its very difficult to get a scent
  • smells a little bit dusty and earthy
  • incredibly light hints of a very artificial root beer smell but damn is it faint


  • nice pro-style printed mylar bag with a cute logo
  • not child resistant
  • no nutritional value listed
  • does not claim to be lab tested
  • opening the bag reveals what at first appeared to be weird square shaped rocks covered in a powdery mold that seems to have spotted in various cultures on the little cubes
  • pretty sure the powder is corn starch because it isnt sweet like sugar or sour like citric acid and its a powder – not a crystalline structure
    • unfortunately this mystery powder is not listed in the ingredient list so I was extremely leery of these candies and had to investigate online
    • luckily enough, at least one other person posted pictures of these candies and they looked similar with the weird powder and spots so I decided to give them a shot
  • each piece is a rough cut square with jagged sides and edges – look like they’ll cut your mouth apart – (they did not cut my mouth or gums)
  • colour of the candy is very light – almost peachy looking
  • there are small broken bits of candy mixed in with the powder
  • to be honest, these do not look appetizing


  • initial powder coating has little flavour but quickly dissolves and gets washed away
  • getting a rather strong weed/earthy taste with hints of rootbeer candy mixed in
  • the weed taste is so strong that it overpowers ROOTBEER – dang
  • gets scratchy on the throat while sucking on this candy
  • leaves a bitter aftertaste that lingers


  • popped the first piece at 2:25pm – finished dissolving at 2:37pm
    • 2:38pm – eyes a bit dry
    • throat is somewhat scratchy & a little irritated
    • not much else
  • popped the second piece of candy at 2:43pm and finished at 3:02pm
    • 3:15pm – feels like the buzz from a doobie but a little lighter
    • getting a bitter aftertaste that lingers
    • 4:20pm – smoked a king size joint of Grand Daddy Purple and definitely feeling more stoned than normal
  • I left this review at just the two candies and while I definitely felt something off of them, it wasn’t a heck of a lot off of two candies
  • I gave one candy to a friend who was experiencing stomach cramps and it helped her sleep it off and feel better soon
  • The remaining three candies were eaten on a different date very late at night when I wasn’t able to get to sleep due to a pinched nerve in my back
    • I can’t really comment on the high or pain relieving aspect of them from the second usage because at that time I had been smoking flower with CBD & THC, using CBD RSO and ate at least one other edible so in the end I got pretty knocked out but it was not exclusive to this candy
  • Really what it boils down to here is that for a hard candy that I let dissolve in my mouth and tried to focus under the tongue for subcutaneous absorption seemed to be considerably less effective than I would have imagined
    • as an example, one single 30mg THC square of Mary’s Chocolate had me feeling woobly within two minutes of letting it dissolve in my mouth – the Doobie Snacks did not.

Reviewed Nov 7, 2020

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