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Rolls69 Smart Filter

This smart filter was included as a free gift with a purchase from VapeTech.ca

The Rolls 69 Smart Filter – Front
Ok so what the heck is this thing?
It’s a filter for a joint and it appears to be a madmans cross between a standard cardstock filter and a Swan style filter tip.
The goal apparently is to cool down the hits from your herb blend and offer a smoother, cleaner draw.
The cardstock that was used to roll this filter has a number of X’s printed on it in various positions. Some of the X’s have been laser cut out for improved airflow.
Rolls 69 Smart Filter – Back
Rolls 69 Smart Filter – Inside
In general, a filter is a filter and it’s pretty self explanatory on how to use it however this badboy here is about 3/4 of the length of a standard ZigZag paper.
Tha means if you rolled the whole filter inside a standard sized paper, you would have something that ends up looking a lot like the cigarette from The Fifth Element.
According to the image on the back of the packet, it appears that you’re only supposed to roll the top portion of this filter into the paper and leave the lower rows of X’s all hanging out and exposed.

Weird but ok..

For this test, a Pure Hemp 1 1/4 wide paper was used with Grand Daddy Purple flower as the herb of choice.
Some of the X’s are laser cut out for air flow
Mouth-end is just cardstock
I personally roll my joints filterless and add the filter afterwards. However this filter is pre-sized at 7mm and does not expand like a hand rolled carsdstock filter tip so it should be rolled in the doobie at the same time as the herb.
Rolling this filter inside the joint was no real trouble at all, it was actually fairly simple to keep the mouth piece exposed and roll the remainder.
Resulting joint came out a little coner shaped.
As for how this thing smokes; pretty decently.
Basically the exposed X’s on the mouth piece allow you to increase or decrease airflow with a haul and regular temperature on the puff.
If you leave too many X’s exposed you’ll get an airy puff
If you cover all the X’s up then you’ll get a stronger puff that is noticeably cooler than a regular filter.
Herb-end has a Swan style filter tip jammed inside
Finished Roll
Some more laser cut X’s
Overall I actually liked the way this smoked. It didnt’t feel at all like I was losing anything in the puff and I still got damn baked from the joint like I would expect.
There was no tightness or anything abnormal to cause any issues.
My only concern is the cost of these things – I went back to vapetech’s website and they’re not listed for sale…. OK….?
Swan filter tips are pretty pricey here in Canada and since these Rolls 69 smart filters are basically a suped up version of the Swan, I would expect these things to cost a lot more than I would be willing to pay for them.
Assuming that I could get these at a good price, I would absolutely pick up a pack.

Reviewed Nov 6, 2020

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