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Tropicanna Cookies From ACMedical

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This free sample of flower was provided courtesy of ACMedical for the purposes of review. Thank You!

Tropicanna Cookies From ACMedical – 8.75/10


  • sweet dusty fruit
  • hints of earthiness
  • getting a greasy plasticky petroleum smell when broken open


  • bigger heavier ultra dense bud +2 grams
  • manicure looks alright, there was one tiny bit of a brownish leaf but otherwise nice looking
  • mostly lighter greens that are crusted with white and moderately sparkly trichomes
  • the bud is way too hard to get any sort of springback or spongeyness but its not dry and doesn’t want to crumble when squeezed fairly hard
  • nice and sticky


  • Pure Hemp 1 1/4 wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busted up nice and evenly
  • very little bud stick
  • larger amount of kief left behind
  • rolls very easily and resulted in a nice fat joint
  • ash is very light grey and super soft textured


  • tastes like a baked good right off the bat – french bread
  • little bit of a woody taste
  • definitely getting cookies or some sort of apple/berry crumble topping sans cinnamon
  • nice skunky nasal exhales
  • has an orange peel taste when lingering on the tongue
  • really nice clean puffing all the way through


  • start to get light feels during the last half of the doobie
  • fully realizes and sets in just a few moments after finishing puffing
  • head is nice and hazy
  • feeling energetic
  • colours seem enhanced and brighter
  • really nice buzz that lets you get things done
  • lasts roughly 2hrs or so

Reviewed Nov 7, 2020

Tropicana Cookies is a sativa marijuana strain that provides a cerebral and focused high. Bred by Oni Seed Co, Tropicana Cookies crosses GSC and Tangie. The result is an infusion of citrus notes backed up by a smooth cookies flavor. This strain produces purple buds that have hints of dark green with orange hairs.

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