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Raspberry Cake From GanjaFused

This THC edible was provided free of charge from GanjaFused for the purposed of review. Thank You!

The products were all test products and were all labeled with varying labels of THC content that GanjaFused has advised was incorrectly labeled. I have been advised that the THC content should be approximately half of what the label indicates.

The dosage math has been double checked and cross-referenced with other edible manufacturers to ensure quality and consistency in the final product.


  • brown sugar and cinnamon
  • smells like a berry crumble or coffee cake
  • so, SOOOOO frickin yummy smelling


  • provided in a resealable plastic container with hand-written label (this is probably going to change in the future but these are test products)
  • says 75mg of THC so most likely contains somewhere around 32.5mg (roughly half or more of what the label says)
  • looks nice and moist
  • very real look to it, can see real fruit
  • resembles something a grandmother would make


  • sweet and sugary
  • cinnamon and berries
  • very yummy
  • no weed taste or anything
  • little bit of a rolled oats taste going on
  • getting some raspberry seeds
  • texture and moisture levels are perfect
  • amazing mouth feel – rich and dense


  • 1:16 – 1:19pm – ate the cake
    • surprised it took 3 minutes to eat because it was so damn good but I was taking notes..
  • 1:20pm – not really feeling much
  • 2:11pm – eyes feeling dry
    • body feeling a little woobly
    • head feels foggy like the come down from a good joint
  • not sure at what time I smoked a joint but it was shortly after the last note at 2:11pm and basically I was done in
  • this cake seems to set in an underlying body stone that’s just waiting for you to have a puff of some flower and then the two highs not only complement each other but really work to bake you in a 450 degree oven until you come out all bubbly

If this cake (or a variant of it) becomes available through GanjaFused, I highly recommend everyone tries it. Very great buzz from an amazing tasting baked good.

Reviewed Nov 2, 2020

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