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Ace Of Spades From The Green Ace

This cannabis flower was provided free of charge by The Green Ace – Thank You!

Ace Of Spades From The Green Ace – 8/10


  • sour
  • kind of pineappley
  • earthy and fruity
  • greasy skunk smell when broken open
  • smells a lot like the Michaels craft store


  • pretty shaggy buds, could use a better trim for sure
  • moisture content seems to be pretty decent
  • dense spongey buds are all decent sized and appear fairly frosty with trichomes that sparkle in places
  • colours on the bud seem mostly run together and camouflage styled with some reddish stigmas popping up in places
  • feels like its got a bit of stickiness to it


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busted up a bit chunky
  • average amount of bud stick in the grinder
  • below average kief yield
  • rolling it was slightly painful – may be somewhat sticky feeling as a whole flower but that doesn’t translate into rolling – weed was just wanting to fall out both ends and resulted in a slightly smaller joint
  • ash is medium-light grey with a fine texture and slight finger stain


  • earthy & gassy
  • tastes like a brand new couch smell
  • skunky greasy nasal exhales
  • has a nice dankness about it
  • really pleasant old skool type weed taste
  • underlying sweetness
  • just a touch coughy but not too bad


  • start to feel lit lightly about 3/4 in
  • vision seems slightly surreal
  • getting a throaty/chesty feeling and taste
  • forehead and face feel fuzzy
  • decent pain relief
  • buzz lasts around 1.5hrs or so

Reviewed Oct 29, 2020

Unlike the death cards, Ace of Spades Cannabis strain gives your health and life rather than sickness and death, especially if you suffer from depression. Created by TGA Subcool seeds, Ace of Spades is an indica dominant hybrid whose parents are the Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper strains.

Ace of Spades is easily recognized by its dense buds that have variations in color, alternating purple, blue and pink. These buds are covered in trichomesand orange hairs. A field of Ace of Spades is a thing of beauty to a cannabis farmer. It has a sweet n sour aroma laced with hints of berries and citrus from the first exhale.

With a THC level averaging at 15%, Ace of Spades brings on a high that induces an uplifted mood. It progresses into giggles and sparks creativity in the user as the Sativa effects start to set in by inducing a relaxed state of mind. The indica effects help to relax the body and alleviate medical conditions like stress, spasms and insomnia.

Side effects of this strain include dry eyes and cottonmouth. Users should also note that abuse of this strain will lead to paranoia and dizziness, so new cannabis consumers should be cautious when dealing with this.

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