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McGrupp From The Green Ace

This cannabis flower was provided free of charge by The Green Ace – Thank You!

McGrupp From The Green Ace – 8.5/10


  • sweet and fruity
  • fermented fruit – similar to wine
  • peanut buttery
  • has some citrus going on but it’s very light and almost an undertone
  • pretty strong garlicky plasticky/petroleum product when broken open


  • wide range of small to very large sized buds – nice mix really
  • has a fluffy density about it and could definitely use a better trim – seems pretty shaggy
  • nice brighter greens with lighter amber stigmas
  • a decent frosting of trichomes that appear both dull and sparkly at the same time
  • moisture content is nice – still springy and sticky
  • one half-mature seed found


  • Papel de Liar Maiz papers – these are corn papers that I found somewhere and they appear to be 1-1/4 size but have no size listed
  • busted up a little on the chunkier side
  • well above average on the bud stick – not only did it stick in the grinder but it required some serious pokage to get free
  • average kief yield
  • rolled incredibly easily – not sure if it’s the stickiness of the grass or the corn papers or maybe both but damn – fat joints rolls very nicely
  • ash is light grey – almost white – very soft to the touch


  • a little bit bitter at first
  • clean fresh air – almost like unscented laundry exhaust
  • skunky tasting/smelling on the nasal exhales
  • perfumey with hints of cinnamon
  • a bit harsh/coughy on deeper hauls
  • finishes with a bit of pepperiness


  • very slow burning joint – start to feel buzzed just about at the 1/2 way point
  • coughing from the deep puffs feels like it brings it on faster
  • head feels buzzy and nice
  • getting a bit energetic and somewhat talkative
  • nice and relaxing body feel
  • good pain relief
  • lasts 2 – 2.5hrs

Reviewed Oct 27, 2020

McGrupp has a lime sweet spice flavor that gives you a nice buzz for a pretty long time. This strain is a well-balanced bud with virtually unknown ancestry. It has a tangy fruit taste that delivers a pleasant shock on the first exhale. It has dense buds typical with indica strains – leaves coiled around a central stem. It has mossy green leaves covered with bright orange hairs. McGrupp cannabis strain has a lime-earthy, sweet taste laced with undertones of citrus and pine flavors as well as hints of herbs that fill the lungs. The strain is a versatile and well-rounded bud with socially balanced effects. It has a solid potency that induces a euphoric, uplifted, happy and calming effect. Novice consumers may want to be careful with this bud because abuse can lead to adverse effects including paranoia. Consumers have testified that this strain is useful for medical conditions like fatigue, stress, depression, and anxiety. The strain can be consumed at any time of the day with a bottle of cold water nearby.

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