I’m just going to say that I’m not an expert by any means and I’ve only ever read some vague information online, never been to Amsterdam and seen or tried one of the real deal things.

That being said, here is a visual on how to get it done. Hopefully you can do it with a little more finesse than I do but regardless it’s all in good fun.

Start with two papers – preferably 1 – 1/4
Moisten the gum on one paper and attach it to the end of the other as seen
Now fold that motherfucker like a triangle, leaving the gum strip exposed
Moisten that exposed gum strip
And fold that shit down better than I did here if you’re able to
Now you have a pocket
Fill that sucker up – try to start with finer ground devil’s lettuce
Pack it right on in there but remember to leave room to twist the end
Try to ensure the herb is nice and tight so the filter rests against it and doesn’t poke in
Now get some paper – I used thicker paper from an art book, a 3×5 index card would work well
Roll up the paper tube
Nice and rollie
Get out your king size papers
Roll up your filter
Unfurl the end of the twisted paper weed sack and insert the filter, careful not to jam it into the grass
Now get out your hempwick, twine or thread
And tie it on snugly
Double wrap for safety but now we’re done – Ready to Puff!
If you have a glass one hitter, it works way the fuck better than a paper filter – the above unit was tied with regular thread and coated in mekong oil then rubbed with bubble hash
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