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LA Confidential From Crazy Cannabis

This sample of flower was provided free of charge by Crazy Cannabis for the purposes of review.

LA Confidential From Crazy Cannabis – 7.25/10


  • sweet fermented fruit
  • getting a really strong plasticky mushroom smell
  • earthy but has a garlicky pinch to it
  • smells like a new carpet that had garlic smashed into it and left until it started to grow mushrooms
  • holy greasy/plasticky/petroleum soaked garlic when busted up


  • smaller buds seem to have a fair amount of leaf on them (manicure could be much better)
  • pretty dry but still retains some springback when squeezed – no crumbling
  • mostly green and white with dark brown stigmas and some purplish shades mixed in
  • trichomes are very evident but dull inside and out with very little sparkle
  • still a bit sticky


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busted up to a decent consistency and size
  • lots of bud stuck in the grinder
  • average amount of kief resulted from the grind
  • rolled with no issues resulting in a slightly thinner but nice tight joint
  • ash is medium-light grey and has a soft texture but stains fingers


  • smokey – sort of like the smell of burning leaves
  • bitter
  • tastes like the smell of an old church full of wooden pews
  • at one point there was a flavour identical to a rubber balloon – not burnt rubber but rather like the taste of chewing on a deflated balloon … ???
  • woody – pine/cedary
  • a bit harsh towards the end
  • finishes with a funky hippies basement type taste


  • light feelings start to come on during the last 1/2 of the J
  • feeling somewhat energetic
  • seems a like a decent functional high
  • mood and feelings seem somewhat enhanced
  • not feeling wrecked but really nice high to accompany the things I need to get done
  • slightly surreal vision
  • about 1.5hrs duration

Reviewed Oct 20, 2020

Widely popular in the world from rap artists such as Snoop Dog or Cypress Hill, LA Confidential is a strong and potent Grade A Sativa/Indica hybrid that originates from Afghani Indica and California Indica. Dark green with deep red hairs, the leaves wrap around the dense buds with white crystals. The sweet piney smell is just like the forest, with a hint of skunk with a smooth thick vapor. It is a very resinous strain, making it good for hash. One puff is enough to make you feel instantly better and relaxed with a psychedelic twist, and with a comfortable body buzz. But be warned: taking too much will leave you droopy eyed and sleepy. LA Confidential can be heavily sedating, making it great for insomnia. Experienced smokers may find that it is more relaxing than sleepy, but it depends on how much and your tolerance. Other ailments, it is good for: pain, anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, loss of appetite and stress.

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